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Weekend farmers' markets

I live in the metrowest area and am thinking about driving into Boston to go to a farmers market on the weekend, but I don't want to make the trek and only find a few vendors there. Any advice on which ones are good and which ones are maybe not worth the trip would be greatly appreciated! I am planning to go to the South End open market but I'm not sure how much food is actually at that one... Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Here's a listing of farmer's markets in MA.


    Some have active links with vendor listings.

    1. I haven't been yet this year, but the Waltham market on saturdays was pretty good last year -- not a huge number of vendors (maybe 6-7?), but good selection and high quality. Hours are pretty limited, I think 10-2. Added benefit is that you can combine with a trip to Gordon's wine store on Main St. and either a sandwich from Domenic's Paninoteca or some mexican food from Waltham's ever-expanding roster of taquerias. (Taqueria Mexico is a block away from the market; my favorite Taqueria El Amigo is a 5 minute drive, and Hungry Coyote is a 10 minute walk up Moody st.) Sorry, getting off topic for your question but it's lunchtime!

      Harvard Square market on sundays (10-3) in front of Charles Hotel is good, but a bit small (5-6 vendors?), and the only vendor there with a wide selection of both fruits and veg. is Kimball Farm, who are friendly but whose produce is not quite as good as others (imho). Still a good market, but probably won't knock your socks off. Also, parking can be a hassle.

      There's also a market in Union Square, Somerville on saturdays, but I've never been, so others will have to comment. Also a saturday market in Cambridgeport but I haven't been for a few years.

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        The Union Square market is good, although still not huge. Maybe 10 total vendors? One of the bakeries, Berkshire Mountain, is incredible. Get their potato-onion bread.

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          tho small and not worth a huge road trip, the union sq market is great for locals. you're right, maybe 10 vendors including the ubiquitous kimball (who are best in the fall for their apple selection). i especially like the drumlin farm stand (always with amazing beets of late) and yang family farm often has an interesting asian item or two...today they had amaranth and some great chinese spinach, and they always have pea tendrils...

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          Yes, the Waltham Saturday market is pretty decent...but don't plan on the Domenic's lunch. They are only open weekdays :(

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            Last time I looked, Domenic's had added Saturday hours.

        3. Hey, that's terrific....can't wait to get a Saturday fix...thanks!

          1. Here is a link to the page on the South End open market site that list the vendors.


            The food vendors are:

            Herb Lyceum @ Gilson's Farm
            Oakdale Farms
            Oleg Flowers
            Silverbrook Organic Farm
            Snipped Fresh Produce

            Clear Flour Bread
            Dairy Fresh Candies
            Goddess Granola
            Nana's Candy
            Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet
            New Day Organics
            OLIO di MELLI
            R.J, Robertson - Chocolatier
            Shootflying Hill Sauce Co.
            Tastefully Simple
            The Globetrotting Gourmet
            Well, Well, Well
            Zia's Cookies

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              I was there yesterday and the only food vendors were Gilson (selling Clear Flour Bread) and Silverbrook Organic.........both had beautiful offerings but I was expecting to find more variety

            2. Went to South End at the Open Market yesterday and Gilson and Silverbrook were still the only food vendors there. Got decent blueberries; italian, french and wax beans; and lettuce from Silverbrook and a fantastic rosmary foccia from Clearflour sold by Herb Lyceum @ Gilson.

              Bikes, photographs, painting and vintage lunch boxes were in abundance though.

              1. I love the Berkshire bakery (they have this amazing chocolate chip bread), but when I went to the Union Square farmers' market 2 weeks ago, they weren't there. Toscanini's was there selling bread though.

                1. Yesterday in Union Square it was green beans as far as the eye could see. I bought a couple of pounds plus some wax beans for a garlicky green bean salad. Also scooped up some tiny red new potatoes which I steamed and dressed with butter and mint. These were marble sized little gold-fleshed spuds. Absolutely delicious.

                  Lettuce from the Yangs (wish their stuff wasn't so expensive. It's gorgeous, but $2 for a bunch of chinese spinach seems high) and green onions from the vendor in the middle, I forget his name.

                  I was surprised to see so many crafty vendors. They all seemed really slow, business wise. I didn't stop to check things out, so maybe that's their problem. Flowers on sale, and a sign saying knife sharpening next weekend -- wonder if Siracco is bringing the mobile van? That would be cool.

                  I love that little market -- such a nice mix of Somervillians stopping in. One woman was making her self understood in very halting English, but *man* did she want the best price on the basil. Don't blame her, I do too.

                  What did you guys find in your markets this week/end?