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Jul 10, 2006 03:14 PM

Fresh Corn Tortillas?

Any suggestions? Restaurants or stores?


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  1. Where can you get to?
    I know of where they make them in Brooklyn and Queens.

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    1. re: Ida Red

      Actually, most neighborhood bodegas carry the local brands that come from the factories in Brooklyn and Queens. I get mine at Zaragoza on 1st Ave near 13th St who carry about 3-4 different brands, but you can check your local.

      1. re: Pupster

        yea, i know. He just wants them fresh.

    2. They have them at Kitchen Market at 8th ave and 21st

      1. Suenos has a "tortilla lady" who presses fresh corn tortillas all night long, out on the restaurant floor.

        1. I've never found fresh tortillas anywhere. Sucks because I just came back from Portland and LA, where I went to tortillerias. But other than suenos I've never had fresh in Manhattan. I ultimately just got a tortilla press and I make my own.

          1. i've been searching for these myself, mostly to no avail. except one day out of the year:

            on dia de los muertos, there's a festival held at a church in the east village -- i forget where, exactly (i had just moved here last november, and was still a bit turned around). there's music, dancing ... and a little tent where some older women make tortillas by hand. i had a quesadilla, and the cheese was melting even as the tortilla cooked on the flat grill. i still think about it, pretty much daily.

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              i think these ladies were at the mexican street fair on 14th st btw 7th and 8th ave this weekend. i had a quesadilla with chorizo-ish sausage and peppers. it was soooo good.