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what can I do with my kimchee besides stand in front of the fridge and eat it

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out of the jar with my fingers?

I know about kimchee in jigae and fried with rice; any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love Kimchee!! Kimchee and Short Grain rice are one of my ULTIMATE comfort foods...

    But if I want to cook with it, I either...

    Do a Kimchee Omelet. Kinda like korean omelets with scallions, shrimp, and kimchee...

    A Kimchee dumpling Soup. Add kimchee to a broth and dumplings

    In fact, you add Kimchee to homemade dumplings! I love Kimchee Mandu! :)


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      Kichee = the perfect compliment to cut the richness of broiled or BBQ red meats.

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        I make asian pulled pork - pork butt - roasted low and slow - pulled and mixed with five spice teriyaki sauce - top with kimchee - makes a great sandwich - filling for spring rolls, etc....

    2. I love it chopped into tuna for a tuna sandwich.

      In the winter I make a soup with kim chee, shredded cabbage, scallions and tofu in chicken broth. Put some of the juice from the kim chee jar in at the end.

      1. Kimchee is also great with seared tofu, a miniscule amount of soy sauce, and scallions...

        1. As a garnish for cold cucumber and yogurt soup. You'll find the recipe here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. Make kimchee pajun - Korean pancakes. Add chopped scallion, pork and/or seafood with a generous amount of kimchee to pajun mix that you pick up at the Korean store, or make your own (1.5c of flour, 0.5c of rice flour, 1 egg, approx 2c water, salt and pepper to taste).

            1. YUM!

              Those all sound delicious. Thanks so much.

              1. Kimchi chigae (stew). I do a simple version at home with a large handful of napa cabbage kimchi, a tablespoon of gochujiang (chili paste), a few cloves of chopped garlic, a block of tofu, and whatever else is in the fridge (slices of pork or beef, frozen shrimp or other seafood, green vegetables like bok choy or spinach, a splash of clam juice). Simmer until the kimchi is soft, and eat alone or with rice.

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                  This is especially good with older kimchee that's starting to go a little sour (still totally good to eat, though). Really, you can make a very passable version by boiling a bit of beef or (preferably) pork--use the cheapest cut (the more bone, the better), skimming, and tossing in some kimchee and tofu (preferably soft).

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                    I agree about the older kimchee...also I love rice cakes and maybe glass noodles in my jigae...and bruised scallions...my favorite thing on earth to eat!

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                      Do you mean "Braised" scallions? Otherwise, I am intrigued on what "Bruised" scallions are and why they are so good to eat. Favorite thing on earth is pretty powerful stuff.

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                        super old thread getting a little new action...i would love a recipe for either the braised or bruised scallions!

                        right now, all i know is similar to what one of the pho places around me does...cooked in fat - they do beef fat, i "steep" in bacon fat (heat the fat then add long chopped scallions (green and white), cover and let them go til they blister) and top ramen with it...kimchi ramen + fatty scallion sounds insanely good now!

                2. Kimchi over steamed ramen or soba noodles...mmm.

                  1. kimchi pizza is excellent. just get some takeout pizza slices (preferably with lots of cheese), add kimchi, and then throw that into the oven. this works great with leftover or cold pizza, since you have to heat it up again anyway.

                    and of course, kimchi burgers are amazing; you can either add it to the ground beef when you form the patties, or top off burgers with kimchi. I prefer it mixed into the patty.

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                      I completely forgot about Kim Chee Pizza! I LOVE IT!

                      What I do is take a whole wheat crust, prepare it and then put sauce mixed in with a bit of kim chee juice and put fresh moz (sometimes I sprinkle on some chicken if in a meaty mood) and put into the oven. Once done, I then place the Kim Chee on top and chow down... Hmmm!! :)


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                        I experimented with this over the weekend, putting kimchee into ground turkey. It was not strongly kimchee tasting, but the texture was pleasing, and it made the boring turkey moist and flavorful. Found that it came out better with meatballs than an actual burger. Will have to experiment further!

                      2. Kim chee fried won tons...

                        1. Here in Los Angeles we have a cheapo Mexican/Jewish Deli(?) that has a good, but poorly executed, idea on their menu:

                          Spicy Galbi Kimchi Burrito
                          Korean BBQ Beef, Kimchi, Spanish Rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Cilantro.

                          Unfortunately, the beef is poor quality and there's way too much rice. If they just improved the beef, cut the rice (reg. rice would be better) in half, and double the amount of Kimchi inside the texture and combination of flavors would make a very good "Korean Burrito". Add hot sauce, salsa, and Guac to taste.

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                            As soon as I saw this topic, I thought, "I have to post about Jose Bernstein's kimchi burritos!"

                            I'm not sure how to categorise that place. It calls itself a deli, with a lot of Mexican items on the menu, run by Koreans.

                            I crave that burrito whenever I've, um, overindulged.

                          2. OMG I have to tell you how excited I am about this thread. Kimchee is one of my very favorite things and kimchee jigae is my number one favorite thing. Getting great ideas here. The only thing I can add is that it's really really good on a hotdog.

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                              Second on the hotdog, and hamburgers.

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                                  lol, that is exactly what I felt. Actually, a kimchee bloody mary might be quite tasty. :)

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                                    Slice a piece of the cabbage, or use pickled garlic. Rinse the sliver or not depending on how dirty you like it. I like that bloody mary idea too--maybe with yuzu?

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                                      Brilliant idea!! How did you make the martini, just add some kimchee juice? I have to try the bloody mary...what should that be called?

                                2. Kimchee fried rice:

                                  day-old rice
                                  chopped kim chee
                                  mixed frozen veggies or chop up what you like in fried rice
                                  ground beef-pork mixed together
                                  cooking oil (vegetable, canola,)
                                  and if you can get it, weiha and kochujang spicy pepper paste.

                                  Then proceed to cook the meat, garlic and oil in the pan, add veggies, rice and kimchee, then kochujang and weiha, or salt and pepper, etc.
                                  You can add egg or whatever you like also, or make a soft sunny side up/poached egg seperately and crack it over your portion once you've served yourself. I prefer it that way.

                                  1. kimchee gimbop...

                                    kimchee & pork stirfry...eat with rice or tofu. :-)

                                    1. Try it with potato crisps: it ends up tasting rather like...a spicier version of the newfangled (at least for me) salt and vinegar type? ^^

                                      I used to place a piece on top of plain Pringles-- back when I liked potato-things, that is.


                                      1. Chop it a bit and make potstickers - I see many brands of "kimchee dumplings" frozen at my Asian market, and those I've tried are yummy.

                                        1. My favorite - thinly sliced pork sauteed, tofu and kimchi. If you can get your hands on some spicy miso (tobancha?) to mix in it and then some chicken stock.

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                                            Tobanjian/Dobanjjan is spicy bean paste.

                                          2. The title of your post made me laugh out loud. I so know the feeling. Just thought I'd say so, though I don't have any better advice than you've already been offered!

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                                              Me too! Kimchi Pajeon are my favorite, but most frequently I consume it out of the jar while standing famished in front of the friger! I'm not sure about the pizza idea but I'm dying to try the manju. Thanks for all the great ideas!

                                            2. Okay, if you really want to forward the cause of international relations, try making a "Klueben" -- which is a Korean Reuben sandwich using kimchee instead of sauerkraut (which is really just the german version of kimchee)

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                                                There are so many wonderful regional dishes in Korea which need to be exported and promoted. I don't think fusion Korean is even necessary. If you come up with a darn good dish, call it innovation perhaps, not fusion.

                                                Speaking of fusion, I am curious about Russia town in Pusan. I do appreciate the distinctly spicy food of Kyungsangnamdo. It would be interesting to see if the character of the cuisine is affected at all by foreign presence. On the one hand I am all for it, but on the other hand, I think it would be a shame.

                                              2. I once watched Mrs. Hong, owner of the long gone and much missed Sorabol restaurant in Oakland, make tasty and easy fried rice with kim chee and lots of butter. I made it at home and it was almost as good.

                                                I also used to just dump all of my Sorabol leftovers including the kim chee into a can of chicken broth and add fresh chinese noodles for a spicy soup.

                                                1. While viiting San Francisco I happened upon a hot dog cart in Golden Gate Park. Napa cabbage Kim chee was among the relish and mustard at the toppings bar. I loaded up my 'dawg with Kim chee and it was delicious.

                                                  1. make Miso soup with mung bean noodles,garlic and green onion.Put kim chee in bowl and put the soup over it.Very satisfying and good for you.

                                                    1. Kim Chee omelets are great. I like the idea of a kim chee Reuben. How about corned beef and kim chee for St. Pat's day?

                                                      1. I know this sounds really weird but, when I was younger, I used to love kimchi (er...kim chee) sandwiches. Bread, mayo and kimchi.

                                                        Weird but, yummy!

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                                                          This is one of the ways my hubby and his grandparents love to eat kimchee. My hubby (from Hawaii) loves mayo on everything.

                                                        2. I do a vegan version of Vietnamese spring rolls using marinated extra-firm tofu (the packaged stuff works well in a pinch), chopped kimchee, minced re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms, grated carrot, and the usual rice noodles and lettuce.

                                                          It's a little labor-intensive, but I think it's well worth the effort, especially if you're entertaining other kimchee lovers. Make a dipping sauce with soy, sesame oil, and a little gochujiang... sprinkle rolls with some toasted sesame seeds to serve.

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                                                            I've done something along these lines too. For a more Korean flavor, I substituted sesame leaves for the usual basil & mint. Sesame leaves are similar to the Japanese shiso but has a more earthy flavor and goes very well with kimchi & other Korean foods.

                                                          2. I am surprised noone has mentioned kimchi sushi yet. Makizushi rolled with kimchi, spinach and egg omelette, or some cooked beef.

                                                            1. This made me laugh! I pictured my hubby in his boxers standing in front of the fridge with his fingers in the kimchee jar!

                                                              1. my mom used to make fried kimchee. she dipped it in some egg batter and fried it up. sometimes she would add some meat and scallions. yummy.

                                                                1. on new year's day, a friend of mine made stuffed cabbage. when i ate the leftovers, the pungency of the sauerkraut made me think of kimchi. so i was thinking of making the filling for mandu (ground pork, tofu, lots of asian chives, sesame oil, garlic, ginger....), stuffing and rolling it into whole leaves of kimchi and braising it. pork and kimchi go together very well.

                                                                  1. Hear me out, b/c i know this sounds gross:

                                                                    ***Cashew or good organic peanut butter, kimchee, on toasted walnut levain!

                                                                    1. Wrapped up in red lettuce leaf with bulgogi, rice and red chili paste!

                                                                      1. Love the reuben idea.
                                                                        I love to shred kimchee and have it w/ a homemade pupusa.

                                                                        1. On a Johnsonville bratwurst, with toasted bun. The rest of the time I eat it out of the jar, but I sit at my computer. Standing by the fridge and wolfing it down sounds like a cry for a kimchee anonymous intervention. (It's on my profile as comfort food).

                                                                          1. I know Hawaiians that put kimchee on their pancakes and waffles.

                                                                            1. A cheese log made of cream cheese and chopped kim chee. Serve with crackers, seaweed rice crackers or sesame ones.

                                                                              1. KIMCHEE DUK!

                                                                                Take some cold kimchee (about 1 cup) and add a little bit of white flour (about 1/4 cup) and an egg. Mix in a little bit of the kimchee water to make a thinnish batter. Heat up 2-4 T oil in a frying pan and get it hot but not smoking. Pour in some and spread it around to make a pancake. Lower heat to med or med high and let the edges get brown, and flip over. DELICIOUS!!!

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                                                                                  Oh man, this sound soooo good. I've got some Kimchee in the fridge right now and I think I'll whip it up for dinner and eat it with some left over Burl ko ki I made earlier this week.


                                                                                2. This is a really old thread, but I feel totally connected to the world now knowing I am not the only one standing in front of my refrigerator eating kim chee. Have been doing this since I was growing up in Hawaii. OH, Kim chee. Love you kim chee. For most of my adult like I have been living on remote cattle ranches, working in Alaska, etc. I always had to hide the kim chee or someone threw it out. Once I snuck in a bottle of kim chee from somewhere in Colorado. It dropped on the floor of the way redneck pickup and blew up. The driver blew up also. I thought he was going to be sick right there - carried on and on. It was insulting. He didn't last long. Now I live in a very remote and beautiful place alone. No more hiding the kim chee.

                                                                                  1. Kimchee on hot dogs! I thought it would be weird, but then remembered my Korean roommates always had it with spam. So salty meat product with kimchee = good!

                                                                                    1. (Old thread but)

                                                                                      kImchee, blue cheese, leftover chicken. Sound's weird but works well together.

                                                                                      1. One of my favorite breakfasts is quinoa topped with sauteed greens and a poached egg, with a little soy and sesame oil. Now it occurs to me that kimchee would just take this to a new level of awesome.

                                                                                        1. kimchi grilled cheese sandwich (kimchi blended into the cheese)
                                                                                          kimchi patty melts

                                                                                            1. All these ideas are great, I particularly like kimchijeon (pancake) and kimchi chigae (stew), especially for old kimchi. One of my favorite dishes, however, is David Chang's recipe for kimchi fuji apple salad, in his cookbook and republished various places on the web such as http://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink... and somewhere on the NY Times. The original recipe calls for smoked pork jowl instead of bacon, but I generally use bacon cut into more of a bit-sized than depicted in the link.
                                                                                              I love this dish because it is much better than I expected as the sum of its parts--apple, kimchi, bacon, strained yogurt, maple syrup, and arugula.

                                                                                              1. One idea that I can attribute ChowHound for bringing me - don't recall the OP was the kimchee reuben - I did not know I could improve this sandwich I love so much but WOW so good - last night I used kimchee on a turkey melt (and yes, like the op a lot makes it directly from hand to mouth never touching sandwich) As an alternative to sauerkraut for many thinks kimchee packs so much more flavor and is oddly easier to find than good quality (naturally fermented) kraut- next I am going to try it on keilbasy

                                                                                                1. We love kimchee in sandwiches, added to soups, or even just as a side with curries & rice.

                                                                                                  1. i've used kimchi on deli sandwiches (plays beautifully with cheese and bacon), fine chopped and stirred into tuna or potato salad (in place of pickles), cooked into stirfries, and used (judiciously!) on a toasted bagel, lox, and cream cheese sandwich (subbed out onion+capers for thin-sliced kimchi).

                                                                                                    1. I third the kimchee and hot dog combo, with a little mayo. Soooo good!

                                                                                                      The other day I had some shrimp that I needed to use, so I cooked it in a pan with kimchee. Delicious and easy.