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Jul 10, 2006 02:49 PM

Victorian House in Santa Monica?

I'm looking for a place to throw a private party and this is one of the options. It's the nice house on Main Street, next to where the Sunday SM farmer's market is. The place looks nice, but they have an in-house caterer (Duck Duck Mousse). Has anybody tasted any food from this caterer or been to an event at Victorian House?

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  1. I have. I used the caterer for a party at a private home about 2 years ago. The food was quite good and they were very nice to work with. Many years earlier I was at the Victorian. I remember the food being good but the place a little run down. Being as it was a number of years ago I suggest you check them out thoroughly before booking to see if it's been repaired.

    1. I was just at a wedding there. The space was very nice (our hosts rented out the entire house), with many candle-lit nooks and crannies indoors and out to get lost in.

      The food was pretty good. Of the passed appetizers, the crab cakes and shrimp skewers were standouts. There were also beef skewers (just okay), tempura asparagus (good), and some brie/apple mini quiches (didn't try those but heard they were good).

      Dinner was an average ceasar salad followed by salmon with cream sauce or pecan-crusted chicken with asparagus and mashed potatoes, both very good. Dessert was wedding cake, but I don't know if that was brought in or not.

      I think it's a lovely place to hold an event. Parking was easy, service was excellent, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

      1. I have been to their upstairs "club" called The Vic a couple of times, where you can order from the Duck Duck Moose menu. Food was fair, noting stands out in my memory except the desserts, which were fantastic.

        I thought the building was charming- great location and lots of PARKING. The waitstaff was ok, nothing spectacular. Owner/operator Ray (I think) was sweet and had LOTS to talk about once we got him going.

        I've been back to the Vic a few times, but never to a large-scale event in the main building. If you book it, let us know what you think!