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Jul 10, 2006 02:39 PM

Saigon Sisters??

My friend has suggested this place for dinner tomorrow night, I am just looking for comments on the place? If the food is good are there any recommendations?


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  1. i like the app platters, even the vegetarian is quite varied and tasty. but i've had bad luck with the mains.

    1. the mains haven't impressed me, especially their whole fishes. i definitely have liked their apps, salad rolls are great with more interesting combinations.

      the one thing i always have to get there is the dragonfruit shake... no one else does it and i can't get enough of it. well... i guess i could just make it at home.

      1. I've been there twice and the apps were great but the tofu green curry main was far too silky for my tastes.

        1. I've had both good & bad experiences there. I find weekend afternoons when they're not busy they turn out better work. Not the best time to do so. Their salads, drinks, and funky back patio are the only consistently pleasing items I can name. In a similar price range and neighbourhood, you could try Wish at 3 Charles St E. Front patio, good food & drinks even the non-alcoholic ones. But be careful of the service. Getting the wrong order happens with alarming regularity.

          1. Wish is more expensive, e.g. appetizer at $10 and main at $24. Saigon Sister is similar to Spring Rolls in price range and menu (Asian fusion).