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Jul 10, 2006 02:28 PM

So long, B-More 'hounds, and help with a farewell tour

We are relocating to NYC later this month, so it's farewell to Baltimore. I wanted to thank everyone for all the great recommendations over the past few years, even if I didn't respond personally. I'm sure I'll be active on the Manhattan board; if you're visiting, make sure to pop over.

Now for the tough part: there are some places that, for whatever reason, we never made it out to. Truth be told, we don't actually eat out too terribly often; we just like to make it count when we do!

The first two we have resolved to visit before we leave, no matter what. From the remaining, I'd like to visit at least two more, and I was hoping to get some help on that decision. My criteria is that it should be at least partly unique to Baltimore--thus the first two inclusions. Thanks all!



Ambassador Dining Room
Brasserie Tatin
Mama's on the Half Shell
The Black Olive
Tio Pepe
Brass Elephant
Sotto Sopra

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I loved Louisiana when it first opened, but it went way downhill. Unless you hear from someone else that it has regained its former glory, I'd scratch it from your list.

      1. Good luck in NYC. Definitely a lot of good eating there. Somewhat jealous.

        Personally of your list, I'd probably consider in order: Tio Pepe's (a B'more institution); Mama's (supposed to emulate a B'more institution and you'll take away memories of the Chesapeake Bay); Hampton's (you'd never go otherwise); and the Black Olive (it seems that the "upscale Greek scene" is kind of a B'more development; not sure if there's much like it in NYC).

        I've been to Hampton's and had a very good meal, but it's very very formal.

        My only other thoughts (other than the obligatory crab feast and crabcakes) as to what I would want if I were leaving are kind of dish specific. I'd like to have french fries & gravy, maybe some scrapple, chipped beef from Blue Moon cafe; lox from Greg's Bagels; sour beef and dumplings; etc.

        I'd probably settle on Mama's and Tio Pepe
        Tio Pepe
        Mama's on the Half Shell

        1. Without a doubt the Ambassador Dining Room (not typical Baltimore, but the best Indian Food I have had outside of India)
          It's not on your list but if you have not been to Samos it's a must as well. Great greek food. Brasserie Tatin is worth a vist as well just go early.

          1. I'd go with Mama's and Tio Pepe (get the suckling pig!)