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Anyone taste anything nice this weekend?

Did anyone taste anything nice this weekend? I have a really bad Spanish rose (Tres Ojo) and a nice viognier from Cristom.

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  1. We had two lovely Spanish wines at Casa Mono in Manhattan - a white - Naia Des, 2004, from Rueda, and a sparkling rose - Codorniu Pinot Noir Brut from Penedes.

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      now that you've had the
      Naia 2004 try Jose Pariente 2004 its excellent and just $5 more. I've noticed it in restaurants more and more lately (not just spanish ones). Jose Pariente has turned into the "new" household classic in Spain. Its a great Verdejo, highly recommend it.

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        Thanks - I'll give that a try - I've only had albarinos before and am woefully ignorant about Spanish whites ... fortunately Casa Mono has a great wine list and we just went with the waitress's recommendation.

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          There is a great Rose from penedes that you might be interested in. Its called 1+1=3 Rose Cabernet Sauvignon the year is 2004, although 2003 is still good. Its the best rose from Spain i've tasted around here. IMO worth a shot. The bottle should run around 14-17

    2. Had Paul Bara champagne and an California white called Conundrum (http://www.conundrumwines.com/). Both were excellent.

      1. Last night was the Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir, a wonderful rose. With dinner, a bone-in ribeye, was a 1999 Edgewood Cab that was fantastic. Saturday night with dinner, lamb, was the Robert Sinskey Capa Vineyard Pinot Noir, a limited production wine that is simply outstanding.

        1. I had an inexpensive, very refreshing Spanish Albarino with my cheese pizza last night...yum.

          This is my new favorite summertime quaffer.

          1. 2004 Navarro Chardonnay from my first shipment of their pre-release program. Very happy on a nice sunny day in Oakland.

            1. A wonderful 2004 Dain Wines Pinot Noir American Beauty Amber Ridge was just fantastic with a simple roast chicken on Friday night. The next evening we had a 2003 Yangarra Estate with steaks. Both were excellent, but the Dain was to die for.

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                Good stuff.
                I've had the Rancho Ontiveros '03, it's a different appelation, but it was a good wine. I think that Dain Wines belong to a batch of talented winemakers, including Andrew Vignello of AP Vin, Brian Loring of Loring Comnpany and the Kosta Browne outfit, that produces some of the more exciting CA Pinots today.

              2. I tasted lots of wine in Los Olivos this weekend, some delicious, others not so much.

                My first stop was Epiphany, owned by Fess Parker's son Eli, their Revelation had long been a favorite of mine and whenever I had gone previously, they'd been closed.

                I tasted what they had to offer and ended up purchasing a couple of bottles of 2000 Starlane Syrah/Cab for drinking and a 2000 Starlane Syrah that I plan on cellaring. Also purchased were a bottle of 2004 Roussane - that will be opened soon and 2000 Petit Sirah.

                I tasted a bunch of wines at Andrew Murray, as well. My favorite was their desert offering, a late harves Viognier from 2005. This is a bottle I can not wait to crack. I can taste it now after a great dinner on a hot summer evening, I think it will be perfect.

                My palate got a little overwhelmed after our third stop, where I purchased a surprisingly good Arthur Earl Mourvedre.

                And so my story ends.

                1. Vinously speaking, it was a pretty wonderful weekend.

                  Friday, a celebratory dinner at À l'os, one of Montreal's better BYOs:
                  - Sancerre 2000, Cuvée Édmond, Vieilles vignes, Domaine La Moussière (Delicious, clean, long. Still young but showing more sauvignon blanc character than it did a couple of years ago. Killer with crab cakes.)
                  - Pauillac 1990, Château Pichon Longueville Baron (Tighter than the bottle opened a year and a half ago. Is it finally closing up? Textbook Médoc nose of cedar, cassis and pencil lead. Really began to sing -- a rich, deep, harmonious and complex chorus -- after 45 minutes or so, in other words just before the bottle was drained...)
                  - Sauternes 1990, Château Suduiraut (From a half-bottle. Deep gold, much darker than the 1988 brought as a backup. Honeyed, layered, rich but fresh and not in the slightest cloying, in fact not particularly sweet. A sip with a bit of foie gras au torchon made it clear why that's a classic match. At peak so best drunk up in the next five years or so.)

                  Saturday backyard barbecue with friends. The wines I remember were:
                  - Gaillac 2004, Les Greilles, Domaine de Causse Marines (Round, off-dry or almost, packed with white fruit and citrus. A friendly, shaggy sheepdog that licks you a little too much.)
                  - Pinot Noir 2005, Marlborough, Sherwood Estate (A supple, easy-drinking glass of slightly sour red berries and some of their leaves. Nothing profound but, hey, it's palatable pinot at well under C$20 a bottle.)
                  - Château Lancyre 2001, Grande Cuvée, Pic Saint-Loup, Coteaux du Languedoc (75% syrah with grenache and mouvèdre. Dark, brooding, handsome and aristocratic, a Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of a wine. Really ought to have been decanted.)
                  - Mâcon 2005, Domaine Bouchard Père & Fils (Unfortunately tasted after the Lancyre; a side-by-side comparison with the Sherwood would have been fun. Run-of-the-mill Burgundy, more tannic and generally less fruity and charming than the New Zealander but identifiably pinot and not industrial. Am pleasantly surprised and somewhat amazed to see it goes for under C$15 a bottle.)
                  - Gaillac doux 2003, Grain de Folie, Domaine de Causse Marines (Made from muscadelle, mauzac and loin-de-l'oeil. Off-sweet, fresh, not particularly deep, complex or memorable but fun to drink.)

                  Sunday, grilled rabbit at home:
                  - Pinot Noir 2004, Marlborough, Churton (Supple and silky, red fruity, hint of herbaciousness and oak, unmistakably pinot but definitely not Burgundy. Not a lot of depth but good length, exemplary balance and great charm. Will buy more. Why no screwcap?)

                  1. A perfect drink for a summer sunset in the country:

                    La Serra moscato d'Asti DOCG 2005 (Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi). C$19.85.

                    Drier and subtler than a previously tasted moscato d'Asti (Cristina Ascheri '05), this pale, light-bodied, delicately sparkling and beautifully balanced nectar elicited wows all around.

                    Although the Ascheri was very pleasant, the La Serra made it seem cloying by comparison. (But note that I tasted these wines two weeks apart, not side-by-side.) Has the floral notes you expect from moscato, but they're relatively subdued.

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                      love MOSCATO D'ASTI. Thanks for the recommend. Last night, I opened a 350 of one of my favorite standbys: Duckhorn Paraduxx 2003. This wine, after is opens up for about 1 hour, is just yummy.....dark cherries and chocolate. Heaven while watering the roses on a summer evening. Also, was treated to a really nice Merlot at my neighbor's last night: Falcor, 2001. A Napa Valley wine. Outstanding, complex, deep.... went well with a screening of Johnny Depp's "Libertine" (what a fabulous movie!) and popcorn.

                    2. on the moscato tip-- giorgio rivetti of la spinetta makes an absolutely magnificent moscato--vigne biancospino-- that isn't terribly expensive. one of the best i've had.

                      1. Mmmm...Moscato. From Kanye West: "Hypno, Crysso, I mean whatever
                        Saracco Moscato it do taste better." I'd have to agree...had it this weekend with an heirloom tomato trifle, fresh strawberries, white peaches, and the Sunday paper...sweet sauce! I picked it up for $15---so good I'm planning to buy a case--perfect summer sipping.

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                          had the Saracco Moscato D'Asti last night... Delicious!

                        2. Villa Mt. Eden Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve.

                          1. A very nice New Zealand Pinot Noir from Oyster Bay. Fragrant flowery, soft, and delicious

                            1. 1994 Storrs Merlot, San Ysidro District AVA
                              1994 L'Ecole No. 41 Merlot, Columbia Valley AVA

                              1. 2003 Anima Negra AN/2, Mallorca, Spain (blend of callet, a native Mallorcan grape, and syrah...maybe something else). Had at a restaurant (a cote, Oakland), liked it so much i'm seeking it out for home

                                1. I had the 2001 Falcor Le Bijou last night. Just loved it! I was comparing it to the Maginficat (2004) and that was fun. I am not well versed in describing all the tasting notes, but I do know I really liked the Falcor over the Magnificat, however, as much as I liked the Falcor, I wonder if I would grow weary of the heavy earthiness after a while.

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                                    Wow, talk about a thread bump.

                                    I made a fritatta last night and had a 2004 Fort Ross Pinot Noir Fort Ross Vineyard. Ed Kurtzman makes a mean Pinot...

                                  2. As I went to a tasting at one local winery and a dinner at another, I had a bunch of pretty decent Virginia wines. Especially notable, though, was the newly-bottled Tannat from Winery at La Grange. Great dark fruit, nice spice. The tannins need to settle down a bit -- it's only been in the bottle for 10 days or so -- but I think it will age nicely. I think this is the first time I'd had a single-varietal Tannat, but I think I've become a fan.

                                    1. '06 Dr. Loosen Riesling Spatlese Urzegur Wurtzgarten
                                      '00 Scarzello Barolo
                                      '05 VT "La Crau" CdP

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                                        Ah -- your mention of a Riesling makes me realize I should at least have gone back as far as Friday night. (It was a big weekend for wine.) We went to a German Wine Society Christmas dinner at the German Embassy House -- had:

                                        Henkel Sekt (during reception)
                                        Von Kesselstatt 2005, Josephshofer Kabinett, Mosel
                                        Eugen Mueller 2005 Forster Mariengarten Kabinett, Pfalz
                                        Krueger Rumpf 2006 Scheurebe Spaetlese, Nahe
                                        J.U.HA Strub 2004 Niersteiner Oelberg Spaetlese, Rheinhessen
                                        Wehrheim 2002 Niersteiner Oelberg Auslese, Rheinhessen
                                        Heinrich Seebrich 2002 Niersteiner Hipping Auslese, Rheinhessen

                                        My favorite of these was the Von Kesselstatt, but there was nothing I was inclined to dump :-).

                                      2. '03 La Fornace rosso di montalcino was perfect with the veal and risotto. Sour cherry, plum flavors, suble cedar and raisin on the nose, lively acidity and finished relatively smooth with just a slight touch of (alcohol) heat.

                                        Delicous with my wife's osso buco and risotto...