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Jul 10, 2006 01:51 PM

Early Dinner before a Red SOX Game at Fenway

Going to a Sox game on a Monday night in July. I won't have access to a car, but would like a bite before the game. Any suggestions in or around Fenway that I could hit before the game? Also, is Fenway known for any particular specialty? For example - Miller Park in Milwaukee - you can't go to a game and not get a brat. This is my first post - Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. There are a lot of places near Fenway that have good food. Here are a few places:

    El Pelon Taqueria, Peterborough Street--Great Mexican food at really cheap prices.
    Woody's, Hemenway Street--Excellent bar-style pizza between Fenway and MFA.
    India Quality, Comm. Ave.--One of the best Indian restaurants in Boston.

    There are many more. You might want to search for earlier threads on this topic.

    Fenway isn't really known for any particular food, although I am partial to the Fenway Franks. Honestly, though, you're better off going someplace before the game for food.

    1. I also really like Audubon Circle which is pretty close to Fenway. They make a great burger and mix a mean cocktail.

      1. Some great recs above already. Also consider:

        -- Trattoria Toscana, on Jersey St for awesome, modestly priced Tuscan food in a storefront setting. One of my favorite Italian restaurants, a small gem.

        -- Eastern Standard Kitchen in the Hotel Commonwealth, a mix of French, American, and Italian, but mostly pretty good, in a handsome setting. Great bartending. I had a wonderful grilled tilefish here recently, with a superb "tomato vinaigrette", basically a vinegary tomato concasse, plus good wax beans. Service can be a little odd (in personality) and/or uneven. Check out the specialty cocktails: one I hadn't seen before is the "Metamorphosis": fresh lemon juice, honey water, and Becherovka (a savory Czech bitters with faint cinnamon and clove notes), shaken over iced and strained into a cocktail glass -- unusual and delicious, not sweet.

        -- Beacon Street Tavern. I haven't tried this place yet, but I much admire its parent, on which its food and atmosphere are closely modeled, the Washington Square Tavern.

        -- Taberna de Haro, my favorite tapas restaurant in town. Pleasant sidewalk patio seating. I favor their wines over their sangria.

        1. I've been to most of the places listed above and all are good options for food before a game or anytime for that matter. However, if you are new to the area or if it's your first Sox game and you are looking for a "typical" Red Sox experience, I'd say grab a sausage from one of the vendors on Lansdowne St. or a Fenway Frank at the game. Before or after the sausage, grab a few beers at the Cask N Flagon, Game On, Copperfields, Who's On First or Beerworks. Maybe that's not everyone's ideal night, but it is for me and my friends. Game On also has pretty decent food compared to most of the bars in the area.

          1. jmax, are you coming from the Milwaukee area? Are you looking for a certain type of food or for the "Fenway experience"? If you're more interested in getting a decent bite to eat and being around Fenway - I agree with Ali G's post - I think of the Sausage Guy and Fenway franks for games! Also, having some beers on Yawkey way may be time better spent than inside a restaurant if this is your first time at Fenway . . .

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              What kind of sausage does "The Sausage Guy" have?

              1. re: jmax

                I think of it as just regular sausage - but it's sweet Italian sausage - with or without peppers and onions. I like mine with a bit of mustard.