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Jul 10, 2006 01:49 PM

indian rec for a layover lunch?

We have a 5 hour stopover at Heathrow on our way to Turkey. Is this enough time to get some curry in the city for lunch? I would appreciate any recs for good curry that is not too far from the airport either by taxi or train.

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  1. Take the Piccadilly Line tube to Gloucester Rd and lunch at Bombay Brasserie.

    OR take a taxi to Southall and lunch at any number of places

    1. Quicker to take the Heathrow express as it only takes 15 minutes (Vs 40). That takes you to Paddington and you have a pick of Bombay Brasserie (which is fab), Red Fort in Soho or Zaika in Kensignton, all short cab rides.