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Jul 10, 2006 01:32 PM

Fringe fueling so far...

Heya Chow'nders,
So in three days of Fringing I've tanked up three times and seen seven plays. Friday I saw Zombies (great physical performance) and Richard 3, Queens 4 (hmmm) and had dinner at Bar Mercurio, which was definitely the highlight of the evening. Lovely food (the duck pappardelle was great, as was the lemon tart for dessert), charming low-key service, and a pretty room with an open kitchen (I love watching the performances in an open kitchen). I'll go back there again fer sher.

Saturday I saw Stealing Venus (very funny -- that dude's like a hairy Merle Streep), the Burning Bush (eh, the Tepid Shrub, more like) and The Lab (awesome, freaky-awesome) but ended up having a McSushi dinner at New Generation Sushi. Their sushi rice was bland, like they'd forgotten the sugar and vinegar, but the rest was OKish enough, and it was fast, which is what we needed. Also, we got a 14% discount for siting at the sushi bar, which is my favourite place to sit anyway, so that was cool -- more money for plays and the beer tent.

Sunday was a light day -- just two plays, Crook Back Dicky (crazy-good, emphasis on crazy) and the Excursionists (giddy, goofy good fun) but had dinner at the chow-recommended Double Happiness. Yowzah! I had the ramen soup with slices of pork and mysterious white and pink-swirled slices, and it was lovely. It also came with a little banana fritter that was all sugary, greasy goodness. The total bill was less than $7 -- gotta give that a five-star review!

...six more days of chowing on theatre -- yummmm!

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  1. Thanks for the update.

    I'm going to take up your rec for Bar Mercurio (tomorrow before seeing Drama Queen).

    Friday I saw two shows at Factory Theatre (King and Bathurst)Man-O-Pause (eager but not so good) and Blown Sideways (awesome!). In between I grabbed a bite at The Bank Note - wouldn't recommend it - wilted greens, rubbery chicken.

    Any recs on Harbord near Spandina?

    1. At Harbord and Spadina I always stop for a slice at Papa Ceo or Cora at least once per Fringe (hopefully twice so I don't have to choose between the two). Other options are Harbord Fish and Chips, Flip, Toss and Thai next to it (my current fav Thai take-out) and the Kensington Kitchen, which I've never been to but has been around forever and gets pretty good reviews. There are a few interesting-looking places along there -- MoMo's was one I noticed Saturday -- so it's also a good neighbourhood to do a little adventuring.

      I forgot to mention the best play I've seen so far -- Macbeth's Kitchen. It was amazing, and I left feeling upset and sad, and kind of weepy...which is how one should feel after watching one of the great tragedies. I highly recommend that one -- and then perhaps a wee dram afterwards to get your bearings again...

      1. More update:
        Monday I saw It was Kit (Funny! Loads of snorty-good one-liners...and Kit really does have chocolate-y brown eyes (mmm) just to keep the topic on food...) Then got to the Glen Morris to get tickets for Antoine Feval (Totally loopy, physical funny) and line up for the show.
        A bit peckish, I headed to Harbord Fish and Chips, which is my only one-star review so far this Fringe. The fish was greasy blah, and the fries were just plain blah. In the words of Richard Ouzounian: Not Recommended.
        The third play was Jesus Christ:the Lost Years and it was pretty good -- not quite sacri-licious (again, to keep the topic on food) enough to be a gut-buster (...again...) but still pretty darn funny. And the Three Wise Men's song was a show-stopper.
        ...hopefully more shows and perhaps pizza tonight...

        1. Folks, thanks for staying food-focused. As tempting as it is to discuss the Fringe performances, that's off topic for Chowhound, and we ask that you keep those tangents at bay.

          1. saw a couple fringe shows and felt like resurfacing this thread. ended up sticking to one theatre the entire time and saw napoleon vs. the turk and jesus christ: the lost years, enjoyed both quite a bit.

            but... a place just right around the corner is the new york subs place brought up in the recent best street eats thread. i've passed by before and thought the name to be silly but stopped in as we rushed between shows. picked up a satay beef burrito (medium heat) that was stuffed with slices of well spiced beef and fresh goodies like good lettuce and nice creamy mayo sauce to offset any heat. quite enjoyed it and my friend said it was competitive to burrito boys (don't quite agree with him, i think they're of different strokes). they do spinach, potato, chicken, shrimp, etc. they also have a curious item called a "california roll" which i can only assume is NOT sushi.... anyone tried it before?