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Jul 10, 2006 01:24 PM

need a nice place for a birthday dinner

The type of food doesn't really matter, she likes everything, it just needs to be really good food. I'm not looking for a romantic place, but it needs to have a nice atmosphere. Not stuffy, she prefers a more lively type of place. Budget is $70 per person or under.

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  1. You could try Lupa, Cacio e Pepe, Casa Mono, Tides, Tabla Bread Bar or if you want really lively, maybe even Balthazar. You also might like the atomosphere at A Voce but I thought the food and service were nothing special. Many on this board disagree though so you might want to try.

    1. Try ALTA (w.10th/6th Ave), I just had a group event there and everyone was blown away by both the atmosphere and the delicious and creative tapas. It's good for either one on one or a group.
      And yes, both Lupa and Balthazar are always good bets.