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Jul 10, 2006 12:50 PM

The best pizza (AMERICAN FLATBREADS) in all of North America

Check this eatery out folks, this is a must for you traveling through the great state of Vermont or having plans for a visit. This place is located on a farm (renovated barn) on highway 100 just south of Waitsfield. I have a cottage just about a mile north from them and eat there several times during the summer season because their pizza (they like to call them FLATBREADS)
is the best I have ever had. Check the link.

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  1. Alot of people rave about their pizza, but I have yet to be all that impressed. For VT, sure good pie, but I think its just average. I've never been to the Waitsfield store, so maybe its the particular location? The one in Burlington Vt is much better than the one they just opened in Bedford, MA so maybe the Waitsfield location is even better? The beer at the Burlington location rocks though.

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      LOL - hmm, sometimes I want to drive up there in the summer just to have one, but then it's not like regular pizza, it's in a different category. So I agree, that when in VT it's DEFINITELY worth going to, but don't expect it to satisfy a typical pizza craving. Like sometimes you want soft-serve ice cream and sometimes hard-packed . . .

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        Waitsfield is the original store. George, the guy that started flatbreads (chef/owner) is always on hand and the quality of their product is outstanding. I am not sure about the other locations but I believe the Middlebury Vt store is his as well. The others are franchises that have bought the name, the wood burning oven and the recipes and then they're left on their own {no franchise fees) That is maybe why it's not as good. I can only speak for the Waitsfield store being fantastic, so good as a fact that Michael Lomonaco did a show on them about a year or so ago I believe it was for Discovery Channel.

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          All of the restaurants except for the one in Waitsfield (which is actually the home base / "factory" during the week) and Middlebury are just licensed restaurants, they're not owned by the same people if I understand correctly. Also, the Burlington, VT one seems to be owned by different people than the other ones. The Burlington restaurant is great, and it has great beer. The Waitsfield restaurant is amazing though. Great atmosphere, only open friday and saturday nights, and expect to spend a couple few hours there. It's an experience.

          1. re: deldredge

            I frequent the location in Portsmouth, NH and the food is always great. Alhtough the menu is limited to salad, pizza (flatbreads) and a few desserts, they are all prepared well and the ingredients are fresh. I enjoy the salad and brownie sundaes there almost as much as the pizzas!

        2. You can buy these pizzas in various - mostly independent - grocery stores in Northern New England. Dunno how far their distribution net reaches thse days...

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            You can get them at Shaw's in South Boston, so I'm assuming all the Shaw's in and around Boston.

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                Yes, that's right, if only they had an oven at work, I'd have one for lunch today . . .