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Jul 10, 2006 12:43 PM

Montreal Eats

Going to be in Montreal beginning Fri for 4 days.
Staying at the Chateau Champlain. What are a few good places to eat?
Also looking for a nice restaurant for our 7th anniversarry on Monday nite in Montreal.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I suspect the lack of responses is related to the extreme breadth of your question.

      What cuisines do you like? What kind of cooking do you like? (haute, bistro, rustic...) What is your price range? Is wine a big deal to you, and are you thinking of bringing some from your cellar?

      As for appropriate anniversary spots, it would be helpful to know if you're looking for classic formality/"romantic atmosphere", or if the food trumps that (since the best food is not necessarily served in a hushed, traditionally romantic setting).

      Whatever you do, you'd better be reserving soon.

      (BTW, I don't mean this to sound harsh, in case it comes across that way.)

      1. Joe Beef and Ferreira are my two favourites,but Joe beef may be difficult to get a reservation since there are only 25 seats....and it's not a beef the name might imply...Joe Beef was a colourful character in Montreal's history.
        Ferreira is Portuguese, great food and atmosphere.

        1. Thanks for the responses.
          I guess the breadth of my question is due to the fact we're both pretty adventurous eaters. Open to almost anything.
          If I had to nail it down,I'd say our top 3 would be Indian, Thai and Mexican. I also love middle eastern.
          Wine isn't a big deal, my wife is not a drinker, and I like beer.
          As for the anniversarry spot I guess I'm looking for a combo of the 2, nice atmosphere and good food.

          I will also certainly check out your 2 suggestions winefiend


          1. A good, and nice, Indian restaurant downtown (a walk from your hotel) is Le Taj, 2077 Stanley Street, Tel.514-845-9015(closed Sat.). You may want to check it out first at lunchtime, in which the meal is served as a buffet and is a great value. British beer on tap is available!
            Enjoy your stay in Montreal!