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Jul 10, 2006 06:31 AM

Off the I-5 between California and Portland?

Are there popular pit stops between the state line and Portland?

Nothing fancy, but if there's a place with decent casual food and somewhere to stretch our legs for an hour that'd be ideal.A good sandwich, hearty burger, icy cold shakes, made with real ingredients is all I'm looking for. B onus points for exceptional/unique eats that aren't so prevalent in California.

I know this question must get asked all the time, but a lot of old links aren't working since the site switch. Thanks, all!

And if you have any suggestions on the wrong side of the state line (in California, an hour or so before Portland), I'd love suggestions for that as well:

I've read So Ho LA's recent post on what he/she ate in Portland, and I'm looking forward to exploring PDX. Thanks for that info!

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  1. have you checked out the Pacific Northwest board?

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      This is the Pacific NW Board. I also have a post on the California board, the first link above.

      1. re: Pei

        I replied from was not on the pacific NW board. Anyway...there is a great spot 7 miles north of a little tiny place called Coberg. Hillsdale Grill...and I hope I didn't get the name wrong! I've posted about it before. Really great food and service.

        1. re: melly

          I think it's the:

          Hillside Grill
          32981 E Pearl

          in Coburg.

          1. re: extramsg

            Crud...I screwed up the name once again. Thanks for setting me straight. I am gonna quit giving that rec. I always screw it up. How's things in PDX?


      (with at least four hours between the Ca state line and Portland, you'll have many other chow opportunities)

        1. btw, the search feature now works surprisingly well. I did a search just entering the term "I-5" and got this useful list of threads:

          1. Try looking for food in Ashland--it's by teh CA border and they have lots of little sandwich-y options PLUS it's a way cute town. Can't remember where I ate, but it's all good there...