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Jul 10, 2006 03:16 AM

Desperate for Information-Do you recognize this Saki? [moved from Wine board]

I tried to use Google but can't get a thing. The name of the Saki is Okunomatsu and it's a Zenmai Ginjo. Does anyone know anything about this damn bottle of wine????

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  1. From last year from John Gauntner's

    "Okunomatsu "FN" Junmai Daiginjo. Developed by Okunomatsu (of Fukushima Prefecture) for the express purpose of allowing the winner of the Formula Nippon race, Japan's premier F1 auto race, to spray sake and not champagne in the winner's celebration. I'm serious. Higher alcohol content of about 14 percent, good powerful fizz too."

    Sounds interesting...but sounds like it's not what you have. The only other info I could find was that he lists it as a "fairly large brewer" from Fukushima, "balanced and unique".

    1. Is this what you're looking for?
      I use Mamma as my search engine. When you need to find something, ask your Mamma.

      From Fukushima,

      OKUNOMATSU. Currently in their 19th generation of brewing, this is a well-established old company that incorporates healthy dollops of modern ingenuity. Their contest sake wins top awards with great regularity, and their regular stuff is popular as well. They try new things as well with great success, including a sparkling sake and something they call Zenmai Ginjo, in which the alcohol added to their (non junmai) ginjo is made by distilling their own junmai-shu. An industry first, and an enjoyable sake to boot. They have a range of products imported into the US, including their tokubetsu junmai-shu, the above-mentioned sparkling sake (Okunomatsu FN Junmai Daiginjo), and their top grade junmai daiginjo.

      1. This is very pedantic of me, but it's "sake" not "saki," pronounced "sah-keh" not "sah-kee," and it's not a wine. Referring to it as "Japanese rice wine" was probably just a historical accident - it could just as well been called "Japanese rice beer."