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Jul 10, 2006 03:07 AM

Spending a week in Fort Bragg...

Although we're camping, I tend to cook exotically over a campfire. I'm looking for a good location for a dinner for 5 (2 couples and a 20 y/o), and good bakery and vegetable sources. The other couple is planning to do a fishing trip and I know my way down to the harbor. Thanks in advance for ideas!

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  1. The Little River Inn is a bit south of FB, but it's right on the main highway over the water. We haven't been up there for a few years but the restaurant has always been pretty decent and the views great. And leave room for dessert. Their olloliaberry cobbler is amazing-- we stayed there once and not only did we have it for dinner, but we ordered it for breakfast from room service. Piggies.

    But, we did try to walk some of it off. LRI is next to Von Damme State Park which has a fun 6-mile hike amidst redwoods and a creek leading to the ocean on the other side of the highway.

    Check it out...

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      We were looking at that particular hike, so that's a possibility...thanks!

    2. We were just there for the 4th of July celebration. We went down to the harbor and bought fresh snapper to fix for dinner one night. I also bought clam chowder in a take-out container from Laurel Deli and bread from the Honour Cafe on Franklin Street and just heated it up at the campsite. A wonderful place for a picnic is the Pacific Star Winery. It is north of Fort Bragg and right on the ocean. They have picnic tables, and comfy chairs for soaking up the sun. If you are interested in going to a high-end restaurant in Fort Bragg, try Rendezvous. It is on the north end of town on the main highway - wonderful food and a great wine list. A place we never miss when we go to the coast is the Harvest Market – wonderful selections of most everything. Something new they added this year is bulk olive oil. Use their pint jars and fill up with Meyer lemon, blood orange or Persian lime oil.

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        Thanks Tam! I'm familiar with Harvest Market...very familiar in fact! I got some of the most incredible JUMBO shrimp there one time...every bit of 8 inches long! And Pacific Star was already planned for a repeat visit...time to restock! Hubby isn't a white wine fan, but likes their Coquette, and I like their Shiraz. Dad's Daily Red was a keeper too! Rendezvous is definitely on my personal list. That will be a "just the two" of us meal though. Our friends aren't quite as adventurous. Thanks for the heads up on Honour Cafe...and Laurel Deli. Good chowder is always welcome! And sometimes there's just nothing better than a hot cup of chowder, a loaf of fresh bread and your soul-mate on the wharf!