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Jul 10, 2006 03:02 AM

Sushi in Portland

Any good Sushi / Japanese in Portland? We are going to Beaverton next week (how far is Beaverton from Portland?) And would love a good Japanese meal.....

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  1. Depending on where you will be in Beaverton, you may be close to Mio Sushi on 185th, near Cornell. Mio Sushi is a local chain that has very good sushi. Portland has lots of good sushi. Murata, downtown Portland, is arguably the best. Being in Beaverton, you may want to go out to Hillsboro. Diagonally across from the Washington County courthouse, downtown Hillsboro, is a Japanese restaurant whose name escapes me. I've heard it is excellent - great sushi and other Japanese cuisine as well. Hopefully someone else can provide the name.

    1. In Beaverton next door to Uwajimaya is Hakatamon. Good sushi, excellent tempura and house made noodles. Best of Beaverton.

      Murata is the best for sushi, hands down.

      The Hillsboro place mentioned above is Syun Izakaya. If you're in Hillsboro go ahead, if not, it's not worth the trip, IMHO. And yes, I've actually eaten there.

      Beaverton is a sprawling suburb. Some parts are ten minutes from PDX, others are 25, and could be a lot more if traffic is bad.