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Jul 10, 2006 02:55 AM

Totonnos and Gulluoglu- Coney Island and Midwood

Had a little Coney Island and Midwood adventure on Friday. Lunch at Totonnos- large pie with mushrooms and onions. Thought the middle of the pie was a little soggy, but otherwise fantastic pizza.
After wandering through Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay, we took the 'long way round' to Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P. Gulluoglu is an Old World cafe with fabulous Turkish pastries. I am quite fond of the baklava at Damascus Bakery, but this stuff might have nudged Damascus out of first place. Especially the baklava with cream.
Wish I had a car, but it's not a long walk from either the Q or the F trains.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'm a big fan of Totonno's, too, but am not famililar with Gulluoglu. Does it serve entrees or only desserts?

    1. Gulluoglu is fantastic and worth the hype. It is on CIA just nrth of Kings Highway and south of Taci's Beyti. I just got a 1 pound assortment of all the different baklavas and have to say my favorite was the round one- i'm sorry i can't be more descriptive-
      Also they have several different types of turkish delight. Wow.

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        I have heard they are a branch of a Turkish bakery and the pastry is baked in Turkey and shipped here!
        See http://www.gulluoglu.com/subelerimiz.asp and

        1. re: Brian S

          I think the pastry is assembled in Turkey, frozen, airshipped, and then baked onsite in Bklyn.

      2. totonnos is great its pizza with a brooklyn attitude

        1. Gulluoglu does not serve entrees, though they have savory items that could be fashioned into a meal. Your best bet is the restaurant next door (Taci's Beyti) and then this place for dessert.
          Of the baklava, I tended to prefer the walnut, though that might be my own taste preferences, not a statement of the quality of the pistachio pastries there.