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Jul 10, 2006 02:51 AM

best pizza in calgary?

new-ish to the city and seeking best pizza info for a friend who is a die-hard fan. I remember that Giovanni's used to be good, still so? This pizza fanatic's parameters are as follow: thin, chewy crust and REAL sausage (versus miscellaneous and extraneous bits of meat crushed into transparent membrane of dubious origin)

all help appreciated.

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  1. Pizza Bob's (order out or pick it up, unless you like smokey dining rooms) or Tom's for your requirements- I've only been to Tom's once but I was, seriously, blown away. Amazing thin crust. Bob's is similarly impressive but as I say it's a smoking place and it takes forever for delivery, so I have not been able to enjoy it in its purest form.

    Pizza is really quite decent in Calgary- with new places like Pulchinella (which is magnificent, only place in Canada accredited by the Naples pizza authority, but which does not have a chewy crust- you have to experience it to understand what I mean) and the not-as-yet-tried-by-me Fat Tony's (which like Pulch has trad italian toppings, like spek w/ fried egg), and though it's not your scene some very toothsome thick buttery style crust, Greek places (among which Sophie's and Nick's are both standouts, IMHO).

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      Actually I believe Il Fornello in Toronto is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. So if thats what they told you about Calgary having the only certified pizza they are not being truthful. I also believe Vancouver has one but will get back to you on that one

      1. re: canucks1619

        You're absolutely correct, and for the record I stated that myself based on a misunderstanding, not false info from Pulchinela

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        Sorry, I found Pulcinella very disappointing. Soggy and undercooked. I've spent a lot of time in and around Napoli and never tasted pizza similar to Pulcinella. In fact, there was a group of us standing outside on a Saturday and they wouldn't let us in until 5 minutes after they were supposed to open. Not a good start. Service was sporadic and the wine list was overly expensive. Not even a good quality cheap house wine. Pizza Bob's is very good and they are even to make my own favourite, Bianco e Nero (mozzarella e black olive with a splash of olive oil. Good pizza Bob!

      3. Pizza Bob's was pretty good, though i hate smoke, and delivery leaves a bit to be desired with their pie. I find Tom's to be overpriced and not very good, and Fat Tony's was disappointing.

        Try Il Centro down by Chinook, which, unfortunately, is bascially only open for lunch (i believe it's until 6pm, or when they feel like it). The pizza there is excellent.

        I prefer Greek Style myself - Red Carpet Inn being my favorite, though Sophie's is darn good too.

        1. Yen- can you tell us more about Fat Tony's?

          I got a 10" ham and shroom at Tom's and it was really cheap- so I respectfully disagree w/ yr comment on its being overpriced. Bob's is close to $30 for a 12" pie with delivery tho!!

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          1. re: John Manzo

            I don't remember the specific details, but At Tom's, i ordered a large (12") and with delivery and tip, came out to 28 or so. Excessive in my opinion, as a 12" is really a personal sized pizza for me :)

            As for Fat Tony's, i tried my classic tasting piece - pepperoni and mushroom, the pizza i start with at all new establishments to get a good base line - and for the price, found it to be disappointing. The crust was a bit soggy - still moist and floppy. This was even after putting a bit of char on the bottom. The ingredients were average at best.. the pepperoni was a bit too slick with grease, and the cheese being a bit too stringy and flavorless as well. There wasnt enough sauce, and whatever there was, didnt have much flavor to it.

            Now to be fair, i didnt try one of their "Italian" pizza's, which is their speciality, but if they can't make a decent P/M pizza, am i really going to try Quattro Stagioni or Capricciosa? I havent written the place off yet, but it'll need to be a night where i don't want delivery, and don't want to travel far to get a pizza before i try again.

          2. thanks very much for the info. Manzo's description of the toothsome buttery crust has me tempted to ditch the friend and go for the Greek style myself!

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            1. re: alex8alot

              If you haven't tried it before, you definitely should. It's more of a hearty, "Alberta" kind of pizza - i consider Neapolitan pizza to be more of a "Vancouver" kind of pizza - light, airy, and not very substantial :)

              I guess for your friend though, Pulcinella's in Kensington (that John mentioned earlier) might be worth trying. I agree that the crust isnt quite right, but you can speak to the server and get them to customize the way the crust is made (i, for example, get mine crispy). The ingredients are first rate and quite tasty. Not an option via takeout though... has to be eaten quick and fresh.

            2. I certainly agree with John on Pulchinella. Not really up on thin crust but I would enthusiatically recommend "Volos" in Richmond/Knob Hill for great Greek style.

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              1. re: Hart50

                I've lived in Bankview for 5 years and have still not had Volo's! I walk by there all the time!

                OK, tonight I am ordering from there.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  What did you think of Volos? By the way, what is your favorite sushi place close to Richmond? Someone told me Sushi Ichuban(sp?)in Westbrook Mall wasn't bad.

                  1. re: Hart50

                    I didn't end up at Volo's, I had to get something at canadian tyre so I ended up getting a pie at sophie's- do NOT eat one of those yourself in one evening!! I was paying all night w/ heartburn etc

                    There is a not-bad sushi place right next to canadian tire at richmond/sarcee called Sushi House Richmond, sush on trains, I have not been disappointed there except they use straight sriracha on spicy tuna rolls instead of spicy mayo- I find the straight sriracha to be too sharp

                    There is a new (to me) sushi place by the new safeway, at Richmond and 37th where glamorgan bakery is, but I know nothing about it