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Jul 10, 2006 02:17 AM

Kosher All You Can eat

Does anyone know of Kosher All You Can eat buffets in NYC, either in Boro Park, Flatbush or Manhattan? Are there any that have Chinese food, deli, traditional Ashkenazi foods like chulent, kugel, chopped liver,etc.?

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  1. Eden Wok has all you can eat on Monday nights.

    1. In Brooklyn, Dougies and Yunkees both have Monday buffets; Shang Chai has one on Thursdays.

      In Manhattan, Village Crown has a Monday buffet.

      All the kosher Indian restaurants on Curry Hill have lunchtime buffets every day.

      1. If anyone is interested in Long Island all you can eat places. Wing Wan in West Hempstead has this type of buffet on Sunday nights. Traditions in Lawrence and Falafel Stop in Cedarhurst also have all you can eat buffets (I don't know which evening they have this). I believe that Roasters in Cedarhurst has lunch and dinner buffets everyday.

        1. china glatt and bertolini's have buffets i think on tuesday and wednesday afternoons. and here's a definite as well as a must go: orchidea has a lunch buffet every day for 15 dollars

          1. How is this palce called Pizza World on Coney Island Avenue? Comign from a chiloni home, I know good pizza in Brooklyn, but I have yet to find a kosher pizza equally as good as treif pizza. What are your recommendations? This place advertises in the Kosher Yellow Pages, a lunch buffet twice a week for 13 dollars- has anyone tried it? Olympic Pita is a good deal as well; I must make 15 trips to the salad bar for the cole slaw and fried eggplant alone, although their mexican workers are nasty- I even thretaened one with the INS.