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Jul 10, 2006 01:02 AM

good restaurant near Club Soda (boulevard St-Laurent)

Hi all,

WE will be going to see a Just for laughs show next weekend at Club Soda.

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant nearby. I did some preliminary "mapquesting" and some possible areas that seem close are Vieux Montreal and the Plateau.

Some possibilities that seem good include Aix, Buona Notte and Ferreira (we have eaten in the past at Cube, Verses, Moshe's, L'Express and would like to try something new).


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  1. Avoid Buona Notte. It's nothing special. As for Aix, Lesley Chestermann of the Gazette, in a recent review, felt the quality of the food was uneven.

    If you're downtown, I'd say go with Ferreira. It's great high end Portuguese. In Old Montreal, I recommend Le Club Chasse et Peche. On the Plateau, I'd say go to Brunoise.

    1. Ferreira is nice, but it's clearly not 'nearby'. Closer than that you have a few choices up St-Laurent (Globe, Mezze, and all those other flashy spots), St-Denis (Cocagne, Mochica), or going south several choices in Old Montreal (CCP, L'Epicier) and the many chinatown places.

      1. Something different and something QUITE nearby (about 2 blocks away from Club Soda) is a good Vietnamese Restaurant called Ong Ca Can, 79 St. Catherine Street East (Tel.514-844-7817). Not pretentious; good food/good presentation.

        1. Boston Chowhound here...Is Pho Bang New York still open, about a block south on St. Laurent? Once upon a time that was written up as being really good and really inexpensive. And for really cheap eats, there is always the a couple of hot dogs at the Montreal Pool Room.
          Over the last 10 years of seeing shows at Just For Laughs, I have been to Club Soda about 6 times, and with the general admission style seating and the line outside I always dined outside that neighborhood and made sure I arrived early for the show. Maybe grab a soft serve at the stand around the corner at the most.It is kind of a strange block devoid of larger restaurants, except the fast food chains and pizza joints. If all else fails Baton Rouge is about a block down St. Catherine towards Place Des Arts.

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            Pho Bang New York has moved across the street from it's corner spot on St Laurant. The new place is much bigger and cleaner. The old corner is still a viet resto but not as good. Stick with Pho Bang New York and you can't go wrong!