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Jul 10, 2006 12:55 AM

Nashville: Monell's, Prince's, Stan's, Wilma Kaye's. Who's the best?

I have just two nights in Nashville in August and I don't want fine dining nor BBQ nor "fun" places. I live in NYC and can get my fill of those. What I don't get is food like my relatives make (all my family's from the South).

So, I trolled and come up with the following. How would you rate them? Any additions?

*Monell's Dining
*Swett's Restaurant
*Stan's (Country Kitchen?just south of Nashville off I-65)
*Prince's Hot Chicken Shack
*Wilma Kaye's

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  1. Stan's is fantastic. It's exactly what you're looking for. Down home country food. And lots of it. I'd go there for breakfast myself. Totally worth the trip.


    1. I'll also throw out Silver Sands, though I haven't been to Stan's. I'll have to check that out. Silver Sands is in a concrete block building a block off the Bicentennial Mall near the state capitol. But it's some mighty fine cooking!!

      1. Stan's is about 45 minutes south of Nashville and only OK in my book. Swett's and Prince's are authentic for Southern soul food. Monell's food isn't anything special for the price if you grew up on rural southern homecooking, but the boarding house table experience appeals to many. (Monell's and Stan's have food on par with Cracker Barrel, which I happen to like in a pinch.)Wilma Kaye's has very good cajun food. Rotier's on Elliston Place near Centennial Park in Nashville has a meat and three selection plus good burgers, and is a very real place. So is Wendell's Corner in the 5400 block of Charlotte Avenue/Pike -- good neighborhood meat and three. I'm a 7th generation Tennessean from a family of good farm cooks, so my bias probably shows.

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          Cracker Barrel only wishes it is as good as Stan's. CB food is horrible.


        2. Greetings from Music City USA!

          Some comments and suggestions:
          Swett's reigns supreme among locals looking for that venerable Southern meat 'n' three lunch/dinner. It's a must.

          Prince's Hot Chicken is an experience in itself. Unless you are very brave, you should order the mild or medium "hot" chicken and it is best to call ahead to place your order as it is cooked to order. Otherwise, you may wait for 30 to 40 minutes after arriving for your order.

          Another Nashville institution is Sylvan Park restaurant -- a small meat 'n' three that has several locations around town. The best is the original at 4502 Murphy Road. It's worth a trip for the chocolate pie alone (only offered on certain days and always on Saturday). 292-9275. Hours: 10:30 am to
          7:20 pm Mon-Fri.

          You should also check out Arnold's Country Kitchen, located at 605 Eighth Ave. S., a few blocks from downtown, but note Arnold's is only open from 10.30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., weekdays only. It's worth it.

          Monell's is certainly worth a visit, but I would not place it above these other restaurants.

          1. A very popular and often written about "Southern" restaurant is The Loveless Motel. Although it is not one of my favorites, most people rave about it.


            I ate at Stan's for many years on trips between my hometown and Nashville. Although it is good, there are plenty of restaurants in Nashville and I don't think I would spend the time to drive there and back on a two night visit.

            Re: Princes--be sure to check to see if they are open before you head out there. There are several days that they are closed (sorry I don't recally which days).

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              I would agree. Unless you're in the Columbia area, skip Stan's.