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Jul 10, 2006 12:47 AM

Anything Chowish in/near Midland MI

OK, I've searched and am not optimistic - please prove me wrong with a gem or two in or near Midland, Michigan. Any kind of food, any price range, as long as its good. Are there any regional delicacies/specialties?

Thanks, I'll be travelling there for business over the next several months.

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  1. Biskuit - your pickings are slim, but not aweful...

    In Midland, there is a Japanese steakhouse with sushi called Genji. In Downtown Midland there is a new restaurant called Molly's that is pretty good. The same people who own Genji opened a Mongolian BBQ type place a little out of town - its not bad if you like that kind of thing.

    Outside of Midland there is a good restaurant called Shari's - I think its in Willard. Its not much when it comes to atmosphere - but its generally regarded as the best food in the area (Molly's may start to put that to the test). Bay City is about 20 minutes away from Midland - and they have a few good restaurants - I recommend Old City Hall. And if you really want to drop some $$$ - the casino in Mt. Pleasant (about 40 minutes away) has some good/pricy restaurants - I've been to the steakhouse and found it to be very good.

    Good luck!

    1. Genji's (as previously mentioned) is an absolute must. I consider myself a foodie and was highly impressed. They cook/create/serve at the table as do most Japanese steak houses. It can get a bit pricy but doesnt need to be. If you stick to basic orders or appetizers you will still receive all of the "sides" they cook which includes a sampling of just about everything-excellent soup, salad, veggies, seafood, steak,etc. You WILL NOT walk out hungry. I promise. They also offer excellent suhi and a wide array of sakes.Beyond that Midland is full of the typical chain restaraunts that bore.

      1. We'll be there this October...any updates?