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Jul 10, 2006 12:21 AM

Anderson, SC to Asheville <> REAL Southern food?

I have been scouring the boards for Southern food options in this area and all I see is BBQ (which I love but that ain't all there is in the South) and some decent "foreign" food in Asheville that I am sure is not better than I can get in NYC.

So, what about Southern/Soul food dining? Now, I know, since my family is orginally from the South, that the best food is usually had at someone's house, but there has got to be something decent for this area, no? I wonder if these boards aren't a little too "white" and that African-American food doesn't make it here, though Chowhound is obviously the best bet for good food no matter what/where/who.

Can I get a witness?

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