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Jul 10, 2006 12:04 AM

Absolute most romantic restaurants?

I am looking for anniversary ideas. I made reservations at the central park boathouse but i am worried it will rain so I want backup ideas, thanks!

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  1. Blue Hill Stone Barns.

    1. Aureole, Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, and Chanterelle.

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      1. annisa. soothing white room, only a handful of tables, possibly the best service i ever had, and delicious creative french/asian cuisine.

        1. Annisa is a lovely choice for a "non-traditional" romantic restaurant. If you care about the food, from what I gather, the food at the Boathouse is nothing to write home about. Danube is another idea.

          1. The Place in the West Village. As for the setting, you'll think you've stumbled into a French film and the food is reported to be superb.