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Absolute most romantic restaurants?

I am looking for anniversary ideas. I made reservations at the central park boathouse but i am worried it will rain so I want backup ideas, thanks!

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  1. Blue Hill Stone Barns.

    1. Aureole, Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, and Chanterelle.

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      1. annisa. soothing white room, only a handful of tables, possibly the best service i ever had, and delicious creative french/asian cuisine.

        1. Annisa is a lovely choice for a "non-traditional" romantic restaurant. If you care about the food, from what I gather, the food at the Boathouse is nothing to write home about. Danube is another idea.

          1. The Place in the West Village. As for the setting, you'll think you've stumbled into a French film and the food is reported to be superb.

            1. One if by Land, Two if by Sea. Hands down the most romantic. Waiters with white gloves and tuxes, candlight, 5 course meal, beautiful carriage house, roses on every table. And a grand piano.

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                And lousy food ... if you must, stop by for a drink (and it's right next door to Annisa).

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                  I think the new Tocqueville is very Romantic.I was in last week and the summer menu is great!

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                    I only see one Tocqueville on menupages- which is the new one?

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                      A few months ago, Tocqueville moved from its prior small space to a larger one on the same block. We have not been to the new location but always enjoyed delicious meals at the old one.


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                    lousy doesn't begin to describe the food there. i had a $100 gift certificate for that place and opted not to use it.

                2. i'll say this, don't fall for MARCH. it's big money, but looks worn out and past its prime. the food is nothing special.

                  i think small places like THE PLACE are romantic, or i would substitute LE GIGOT. DANUBE is romantic.

                  ANNISA, ONE IF BY LAND, and JG would not be very romantic to me.

                  1. Danube is very inconsistent. We went there Saturday night for my birthday. It was a not a good esperience. We arrived a bit early for our 8:30 reservation. The did not have a table available for another 1/2 hour and we did not mind sitting at the bar. It was so late that they sent an amuse to the bar for us.

                    Finally, we were taken to a table in the back of the room. apparently the AC is not very efficent at that location. It was very hot and they finally moved us to another location.
                    We placed our order and the apps arrived in a timely fashion.
                    However, after almost an hour, our main course was not served.
                    When we spoke to the waiter, he had a blank stare. The manager came to the table and was very apologetic. When the food was finallly served, it was cold and we no longer had an appetite.

                    The entire evening was very unpleasant, so horrible that the manager told us there was no check.

                    For romance, I would suggest Grenouille.
                    The room is dazzling, it is filled with magnificent flower arrangements done by the owner Charles.

                    The new Le Cirque is stunning with nice space between the tables.
                    The River club in brooklyn is on the water and very romantic this time of year.
                    Aureole is another great choice, beautiful restaurant and great food.

                    Whatever your choice have fun.

                    1. I agree. A corner table at Tocqueville is very romantic and chic.