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Jul 9, 2006 11:54 PM

Kittens' Tongues

Now that I have your attention I wanted to share a dish I had last night at Le Miu on Avenue A. A conical glass dish like the top of a martini glass suspended over ice with some diced cucumbers, a gelatin made from soy and three perfect kitten tongues, in other words...uni (i.e. sea urchin roe). At least that's what I heard the perfect specimens should look like. And these were perfect. I could have had 5 servings and at $9 per order I may go back and do exactly that.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. did you enjoy the rest of your dinner there? I've been strongly considering it for one of six dinners I have next month, but haven't seen much on here about it. I'll be dining with my wife and two girls (12 and 16) who are not sushi nubies. Ushi Wakamaru is the other strong contender.

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        It was very good although Ushi Wakamaru is really unique if you're into more than just sushi. I'd recommend the chawan mushi (hot steamed egg custard with bits of shrimp, fish and ginko nuts), sazae hibachi style-giant snail simmered in sake within its turbon shell, the miso with eggplant as well as the excellent sashimi (the tako is great) and sushi.

        1. re: guttergourmet

          To clarify--you are recommending the chawan mushi at Ushi Wakamaru or at Le Miu? Perfect description of uni, by the way. I am ready for both dishes (have been craving chawan mushi....).

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            Chawan mushi at Ushi. Only had the uni and typical sushi at Le Miu but the chefs there come from Nobu and Jewl Bako and other restaurants with similar credentials. So I think Miu has potential. Even the sushi, though typical, was of superior quality and the hotate (scallop) was garnished with red peppercorns which was really interesting. Some of the other raw bar appetizers also looked very interesting.