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Jul 9, 2006 11:41 PM

Snack/Lunch options near Union Sq

Hey everyone,
Does anyone has any good recommendations for a light lunch or places to snack around Union Square? Any type of cuisine that is inexpensive (under $15). Thanks.

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  1. Of all the salad places in New York City, one has risen to the top and is a real standout in my opinion in terms of ingredient quality and overall addictiveness - and that is Chop't. 17th street between 5th and Union Square East. Easily under $15, and portable to the benches of Union Square, this is a top destination for me when I'm in the area.

    Other standouts that are cheap and tasty?
    Medina on 17th between 5th and Union Square East. Wonderous soups. Good sandwiches.

    Souen on 13th between 5th and University - for health food when you need to detox.

    Six & Twelve on 12th Street @ 6th Avenue - Korean owned - Top notch western soups and sandwiches with killer korean style dumplings and bento box.

      1. the adore
        17 e. 13th st btwn 5th and university
        great, tiny french place run by japanese. exquisite french pastry, tarts, pain au chocolats, brioche; the best sandwiches served on fresh baguette

        15 e. 12th btwn 5th and university
        another cute french place with pastries, sandwiches, salads, soups, full lunch, brunch, dinner menus; can also just eat at the counter

        1. For an inexpensive bite in Union Square try Havana Central for sit down Cuban or if you want a vegetarian option try Rainbow Falafel - both on 17th Street