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Jul 9, 2006 11:17 PM

Cinncinati - casual w/ family

We're heading to Cinncinati to check out colleges. We'll be travelling with at least two 17 year olds and 14 year old kids.

We especially like microbreweries but are open to any reasonably priced Cinncinati specialities.



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  1. Microbrew places are dying out in Cincinnati, it seems

    The best of the bunch, Barrelhouse, losed their restaurant in favor of doin nothing but brewing

    The national Rock Bottom Brewery has a location on fountain square downtown, but as it is a hain you can find this stuff elsewhere

    The only other microbewer/restaurant i can think of is Watson Brothers:

    Cincinnati regional specialities include cincinnati style chili, goetta, and double decker sandwiches. All three can be had very near the University of Cincinnati campus at Camp Washington Chili, open almost 24/7 but for a few hours early Sun morn:

    1. Are you looking for places near the universities? Dewey's Pizza (several locations) has one restaurant near the University of Cincinnati, and serves Barrelhouse beers. I also like the Cactus Pear, also near the university. The aforementioned Camp Washington Chili is an institution, there's a Skyline Chili near the university (Clifton & Ludlow). Further from the university, Allyn's has a great beer selection.

      1. We're looking at Xavier - don't know exactly what part of town that is in.

        What's a double decker sandwich? My daughter loves club sandwiches & it sounds like something she'd really want to try. Perhaps I'll start a new thread about these.

        Thanks for the ideas. We'll definitely have to do chili and I'll look at the microbrewerey suggested also - thanks for the website.


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          Xavier University is located in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati. I do not remember that the area had any really great restaurants.

          Generally people head to Hyde Park (Erie and Edward Ave.), Oakley (Madison and Edwards), or Norwood (north of campus along Montgomery Rd.) for restaurants.

          1. Double Decker sandwich pic

            Best at Blue Ash Chili, but can be had at several other spots around town.