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Jul 9, 2006 11:14 PM

Santa Fe

Any recommendations for excellent food in Santa Fe?

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  1. The nicest restaurants in Santa Fe are hugely expensive, especially the ones on Canyon Road. They can be good, but I think they are way more expensive than they should be. Pink Adobe is totally overrated. I like a few smaller places. About 10 minutes north of Santa Fe along the road to Taos is a place called Gabriel's -- great place for margaritas and chips/guacomole. Both are among the best I've ever had and it has a gorgeous view. You can sit outside most of the year.

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    1. re: glutton

      I've been totally underwhelmed by Gabriels and won't go back... even with it being only a hop skip and a jump from the Santa Fe Opera,

      1. re: scottso

        I wouldn't go for anything other than chips, guacomole, and margaritas. Those, at least, are good. And the view is nice. The other food is probably passable at best.

    2. Search the board and you'll find many recommendations. Forget Gabriel's - it's totally underwhelming, you can do much better in Santa Fe and not have to spend a fortune, unless you want to. A few suggestions:

      Plaza Restaurant. New Mexican, locals & tourists. Excellent sopapillas and posole.
      The Compound. My favorite for upscale and expensive. Like it better than Geronimo.
      Coyote Cafe. Almost a cliche, but the food is still great.
      Paul's. Unassuming, creative and low key. Middle of the road, price wise.
      Il Piatti. Italian and always wonderful.

      1. Friends who live in Santa Fe like El Nido in Tesuque out on Bishop Lodge Road, we have gone there a few times to celebrate special birthdays. Seems to be a favorite before the Opera, if you time it right, you might enjoy a stop at the Shindoni Foundary and Gallery which is nearby. They have a large area with many of their bronzes on display and there are some days the foundary is open to view pourings.

        1. i was there a couple months ago and really enjoyed the restaurant at the georgia o'keefe museum, as well as the plaza restaurant.

          1. I posted the following trip report last year. I don't think too much has opened in Santa Fe since then.