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Jul 9, 2006 11:01 PM

Need budget suggestions for 2 week trip to Cleveland and Cincinnati

My wife and I will be visiting friends and family in Ohio and sighseeing on our own too. Appreciate budget suggestions for Cleveland area and Cincinnati.

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  1. Budget? I've got great suggestions.

    Superior Pho, which was Pho Hua until recently. A smaller menu then some Vietnamese or Asian restaurants but very consistent.

    Siam Cafe for Chinese in addition to Thai. I like a lot of the vegetarian dishes - fried or braised tofu, ong choi. But the roast meats are great, too. Actually, it's hard to go wrong here.

    El Tango Taqueria for Mexican and other Latin American cuisines.

    Korea House. If you like spicy food they just added a rice dumpling/beef appetizer to the menu that's delicious.

    Presto for good sandwiches. The tomato soup is fantastic.

    1. All the items above are for Cleveland, near as I can tell, because the names are not familiar

      In Cincinnati, you can eat cincinnati style chili all week long if you like. A Meal is typically under 5 bucks apiece with drink.

      It'd help to know what part of town you will be staying in and what sort of food you prefer

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      1. re: TJ Jackson

        Staying near the University of Cincinnati. Spoiled by New York Italian and Chinese so anything else is a GO!. Thanks!

      2. Head to Mac's Pizza Pub on McMillan for a deep fried pizza calzone the owner calls The Macover

        Also stop into Floyd's for magnificent broiled chicken and garlic lima beans.

        I am told good inexpensive Mexican food is to be had just west of UC's Campus at a place called Daniel's

        Camp Washington Chili is amongst the best in town (many CHer's consider it the very best) and is just 3 miles or so west of the campus just on the other side of I-75 at the Hopple Street Exit. Camp Washington also serves breakfast all day including another Cincinnati specialty - goetta - and good double decker sandwiches.

        If you are in town early in the week and want a great cheap burger and can drive a few miles head north to Arthurs in Hyde Park for "burger madness". Wonderful half pound burgers cooked to order with any toppings you want plus fries for 5 bucks

        1. Here are some suggestions in the UC area:

          Myra's Dionysus on Calhoun St. has very fresh, mostly veggie dishes at reasonable prices -- I think the most expensive entree is $8.95. Portions are also on the reasonable side, so you would want to order an appetizer as well, and save room for some homemade dessert. The soups are plentiful and delicious, but probably not what you're looking to eat on a humid, southern Ohio day. With the emphasis on fresh foods, service tends to be either slow or really slow. The restaurant is very tiny, so go on an off-time (late lunch or early/late dinner), sit in the shaded courtyard and order some wine so you don't mind the wait.

          Cilantro on Clifton Ave. is a small inexpensive Vietnamese spot. Their stir-fries are okay (sauces tend to be on the bland side), but the cold spring rolls are lovely.

          I used to eat happily and often at Daniel's several years ago. I went last year for lunch and was very disappointed -- maybe it was an off day? Though more expensive ($8-13 for an entree), Cactus Pear on Jefferson Ave. has a larger menu and their salsa is unusual and delicious.

          I agree with the previous post re: Floyd's lima beans. Yum! Can't speak for the broiled chicken, but my Greek salad was pretty tasty. Floyd's and Myra's are just a few feet from each other.

          If I think of more, I'll post again. Enjoy your trip!

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          1. re: tapas

            I would not reccomend Daniel's for food anymore. The burgers aren't bad, and the mexican is okay, but more than likely, they will not have some things on the menu. They seem to be out of a lot of things, a lot of the time.

            Farther up on Short Vine St., Martino's is good, and inexpensive. If you order a hoagie, be really hungry ~~ it's two feet long. You can order a half {one foot long}, though!!

            I recommend Myra's for soups. They have 8 a day, and are always good. During the summer, they offer some soups cold, and sometimes have gazpacho.

          2. Carrie Cerino's in North Royalton (20 minutes south of Cleveland downtown) - I'm also from NY and believe me, you'll be spoiled by the house made pastas, breads and sauces Chef Dominic Cerino is creating. You can eat pasta and not spend a lot, or spend a little more and get organic chicken and salmon, Berkshire pork, or perfect veal. If you want to stay in the budget department, the new pork cannelloni are to die for. They are also serving salumi (both house made and from Armondino Batali in Seattle) and house-made guanciale for the incredible Blue Egg Carbonara. No, I don't work there - I just love the place!