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BBQ - Any suggestions?

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I'm looking for a good bbq joint, I've never been able to find one and now I have a craving for ribs. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. there's no consensus on the board, but RUB, Blue Smoke, Dinosaur and Daisy May's are probably your best bet for ribs. RUB has zero atmosphere, BS is slightly upscale 'que atmosphere, and Dino is kitschy roadhouse....

    1. R.U.B. is great, though I don't like the chowhound popular burnt ends. I love all ribs there and the fried oreos.

      1. I've tried R.U.B., Dinosaur, Pig-n-Out, Biscuit, and Virgil's Real Barbecue.

        Virgil's is the only one I would really recommend. They had great ribs and good sauce.

        Everything else has just been ok to disappointing. Pearson's (the former NYC BBQ champion is also closed now).

        Anyone else have a fav?

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            Blue Smoke I really like... R.U.B. lacks ambiance (but really who needs it when you're eating burnt ends...)

          2. Dino is the best in a city that has no good Q since Pearsons in gone. RUB ate there once poor cornbread lackluster food, Virgils is for the Broadway tourist croud

            1. Just had the chicken and links with potato salad and beans from RUB last night. Top notch as usual.

              1. If anyone is even thinking of going to Virgils, think again. I have really given this place all the chances to meet basic BBQ standards. Fail. The last time I will ever go the Texas style ribs were so fatty, and dried out, I could hardly peel the meat off the bone. If you are into getting mobbed by tourists, and having a horrific chow exp. this is the place.

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                  Haven't tried RUB; but I tried Daisy May the other day, and I give it a strong thumbs up. It's out of the way, and it definitely lacks decor, but god those ribs are heavenly! I go to Dino's every now and again just because I'm (almost) in the nabe, but I've found the food hit or miss--more miss than hit lately, alas.

                  Happy eating.


                2. Thanks guys, I'll try a couple and report back.

                  1. Check out the Dinosaur. Their ribs have a good crust, are meaty, not quite fall of the bone (just a little pull, which I like), smoky, and have just a smattering of sauce on them. Perfect. I tried the Kansas City Sweet and Sticky Ribs at Daisy May's last week and they blew me away. A lot of sauce on them, but it worked for them. Really caramelized on to the meat. Meaty with good smoke. Messy. Use lots of napkins. Can't say I've ever tried the ribs at R.U.B. or Virgils ribs. I found Blue Smoke to be pretty pricey and I hear Biscuit had closed. Can anyone confirm this?