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Jul 9, 2006 09:12 PM

101 Coffee Shop - PK's Review

The 101 Coffee Shop - Hollywood
6145 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, CA
7.9.06 - Sunday, 10:30 A.M.
Myself + 1 guest (Roomie)


Ambience - C+
Service - D+
Food (Taste) - C+
Food (Presentation) - D
Wine/Drinks - N/A
Value - B-
Overall Experience - C

It's the beloved last stop for coffee before the 101! (Oh, how I love that sign).
So, it was a known fact to me that this dive was a perfect post-party spot, and the retro-decor matches the hipster element that lingers at any given hour. But was the food any good?

Eh, yes and know. The service blew, which rather ruins the whole experience, but I do know they make a mean no-huevos-rancheros, which is groovy, and the presence of fake meat options always makes me happy - even though I eat anything.

Overall, as diners go, it's a fun spot, but not a food spot.

For the down and dirty details, hit up

Ciao, 'Hounds -

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  1. I have never had bad service there and I go several times a month. I guess I've been lucky...the bussers, especially, are always on top of the water refills.

    I had a decent club sandwich there yesterday...the turkey wasn't fresh off a roasted bird, but it was okay. Their "live" butter lettuce salad is simple and good. OH, and their shakes are really good, especially the Chai one. Their mac and cheese is one of my faves. It's basic, but very good. (Basic meaning no goat cheese or blue cheese or whatever. Just your simple orange cheeses baked with large macaroni.)

    1. Well, it's just a local hang. I think your mark on ambience is debatable. Your mark on service seems uncharacteristic based on my experience. And your beer/wine mark is in error. 101 has crummy wine, but they do have some. They have a number of beers/ales. The service is variable but never really bad. The ambience depends on your POV. If you like a sort of retro post punk place where people come before or after liasons (and which paradoxically is kid friendly), that has a great loud juke box, this is for you. If not, not.

      1. I couldn't disagree more about the food. I've never had breakfast there - I've only been post midnight - but the meatloaf is superb (even the greem beans are tasty and al dente) as are the burgers, mac and cheese, milkshakes and the cherry pie. My friend swears by the veggie sandwich there. The service is usually hit or miss though.

        1. Thanks for the comment, MC - you said "The ambience depends on your POV" - I dare say it all depends on the perspective, which is why all opinions are controversial :)

          Good point on the wine/beer offerings - I totally spaced that very important fact!


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