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Jul 9, 2006 09:11 PM

Need A Easy Yet Elegant Dinner For A First Date!


I am trying to impress a potential partner with a dinner...something that is easy yet elegant, and won't be a total disaster!

I would love to have the main dish be chicken, and have no dairy or shellfish in any of the dishes. Any help would be appreciated!


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  1. A very easy main course could be small cornish game hens or baby chickens roasted with herbs and lemon and orange slices in the cavity. You could serve these on a bed of couscous prepared with white raisins or dried cherries and pecans or pistachios, with a spinach salad. The little birds mean no carving, and they are very appealing to present; this is also a healthy meal in addition to tasting good. For dessert, big brownies with ice cream and fudge sauce, or if you aren't big on sweets, some shortbread cookies or biscotti with limoncello or framboise.

    I did almost this exact thing for a birthday party for my husband a few months ago, and it was a big hit.

    1. For a main course: lemon chicken. Thighs or any kind of bone-in skin on chicken other than wings. peel some potatoes (about 1 per piece of chicken), chop about 2 cloves of garlic per piece of chicken and 1 lemon/2 pieces of chicken.
      add chicken pieces and potatoes to baking pan. add garlic, salt, oregano and lemon juice, mix well in pan. then add the lemon in slices to the pan. bake at 400 uncovered for 1-1/2 hours.
      as a side, serve with hot bread, and maybe a tomato and basil salad w/balsamic vinegar and olive oil.