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Jul 9, 2006 08:52 PM

Vail Valley Trip Report

Spent part of the week of July 4th in Beaver Creek and got to hit a few of our favorites. Here's a quick report.

Wolcott Yacht Club was fun and food was good on Thursday night after rafting all day. Specials of barbecue ribs and chicken fried steak were fine. Cuban sandwich and club sandwiche from the menu were both excellent. They had a country band called "Whiskey Trip" which was a really good cover band.

Tramonti was as expected -- not the best in the valley, but certainly somewhere near the top. We had pancetta wrapped sea scallops that were superb. Lobster with fresh sweet corn risotto was also very good.

Ti Amo was better than we remembered it being in some time. Everything we had, including the chicken with sausage, pork loin with risotto, pork medallions and the salmon were all first rate. Service was a little slow, but very friendly and accurate, and given it was a Friday night, all was forgiven.

Wanted to try the second coming of Mango's, drove over to Red Cliff to do so, and were told by the construction workers that they would be open in two weeks. Doubt it. Also were hoping Dish would be open above Eat! Drink!, but that wasn't to be either. Don't remember when Blue Ox said they were supposed to open.

Blue Moose Pizza in Beaver Creek Village keeps getting worse and worse. Same old story -- the food is bad but the service is poor and the price is outrageous for what you get.

Really had little time for eating out this time. Had grandkids with us and were pretty limited to how often and where we could go. A good trip, none the less.

(I formerly posted under my name, Dick Davis, but had a problem getting registered when the changes in the board were made, so had to just register under this new name.)

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  1. RR, you're right about Blue Moose at the Beav. The pizza makers are quoted in a recent Vail Trail saying how they screw over the important customers. With that attitude, it won't take long for them to head south. Too bad, the pizza used to be very good.

    Good to hear about Ti Amo, they have been up and down for a while. My problem is the setting, no view and nothing special about the room. Also, stay away from Route 6 Cafe and Patty's down the street, not getting good reports.

    Eric, the owner of Mangos, doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to reopen. A problem we are seeing is that with property values going up rapidly, the places that own their space are making a lot more money on real estate than food.

    Walcott Yacht Club, is like the Saloon in Minturn, the vibes are so good, the food doesn't need to bring in customers. That said, some of the sandwiches at WYC are really good.

    And Sweet Basil opened over the 4th with ongoing construction.

    1. My wife and stepdaughter report that they had an excellent dinner at Grouse Mountain Grill in the Pines Lodge last night. They say the duck was fabulous. Didn't comment on the price!