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Jul 9, 2006 08:04 PM

B-Level Boos

Not a restaurant question but thought the Chowhounds might have some advice.

I want a John Boos Kitchen Cart. But I can't afford one. Damn they're pricey. So...

A) Does anyone know of either a good source for used, or sharply discounted new, Boos in the L.A. area or online?


B) If you had to forgo the Boos, is there a common opinion as to what the next best brand would be? A Boos wanna-be, knock-off or also ran?

Appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. John Boos makes a lot of different kitchen carts. They're all top quality, and none are cheap. Without knowing which one you want or what you want to spend, take a look at the Metro racks with a butcher block top for lower priced alternatives.

    Metro also makes a wide range of rack solutions, from pricy, industrial duty units to very affordable light duty racks. The rack components are modular, so you build whatever suits your needs.

    There's lots of options in L.A. If you want used, try the wholesale restaurant equipment district along Washington Blvd.

    If you have a Container Store near you, look here:

    1. If perchance your desire for John Boos was originated from seeing one in a store or catalog like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma, know that you can get a John Boos kitchen worktable for MUCH CHEAPER if you don't have to have all the "cart" elements like multiple shelves.

      I bought my 48inx30in John Boos country work table (which is a great butcher block top with strong wood legs) 3 or four years ago from for about $600, a fraction of the price of a John Boos kitchen island from the mainstream retailers. Looks like they still carry this product and more. You can specify among many different sizes. I loooove my table.

      1. We had a large gap between our counter and stove in our new appt and got something similar at Ikea! They have lots of similar kitchen carts there...