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Jul 9, 2006 02:34 PM

Sub-categorize Ontario board? [moved from Canada board]

To Chowhound Team,

Have you noticed that the frequent members submitting comments for Ottawa restaurants have disappeared?

The reorganization makes it very hard to find the information. I suggest that you sub-categorize the Ontario area into:

Ontario - Toronto
Ontario - Ottawa
Ontario - other areas

Toronto has so many restaurants that members in Ottawa will not want to spend time to read until needed.

The reorganization just simply pushes others to go to other Ottawa websites (e.g.,,

My two cents for your consideration.


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  1. Good idea! I am planning a trip to Ottawa and it is not easy to find Ottawa postings among all those for Toronto. Even a search on Ottawa seems to pull up mostly Toronto postings which contain incidental references to Ottawa, rather than real info about Ottawa restauarnts.

    1. I'd agree with this suggestion (or, at the very least, giving Toronto it's own board). Ottawa used to have a reasonably active community on Chowhound, but the re-org has pretty much killed it.