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Jul 9, 2006 07:17 PM

Need inspiration for blackberries, strawberries, raspberries (& watermelon?) please

I have a box each of blackberries and raspberries that need to be eaten today, also some strawberries (been about a week in jars in the refrigerator, thanks to rworange, and seem as good as new) as well as an unopened watermelon, and I am fresh out of inspiration. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I'm just sprinkling the berries over vanilla frozen yogurt.

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  1. RE: The watermelon, I have a recipe I am going to try for our next cookout - spike it with white wine! The recipe suggests a Reisling, but I'm sure a light Pinot Grigio would be good, too - recipe is for a 10lb. seedless. Cut a whole in the watermelon big enough to fit a funnel, and take a reg. sized bottle of wine, pour as much in as the watermelon will take and refrigerate. Every few hours, add more wine and refrigerate. Recipe says it may take up to 10 hours for watermelon to absorb the entire bottle.

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      You can do this with vodka (or a flavored vodka), or light or dark rum too. I've also seen it done with Everclear, which led to an interesting night. We do this for summer parties a lot.

      Similarly, we bought too many strawberries to eat before they went bad from the Farmer's Market, so when they started to go we sliced them up and tossed them in a combination of orange liquor and raspberry wine (almost syrupy) and let them sit in the fridge. We've been using them to make strawberry shortcake all week and they have been getting better as the week goes by.

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        Good to hear the glass jars worked for the strawberries. They work REALLY well with raspberries and blackberries. I'm getting a week out of those berries when before I had to eat them in a day or two.

        I agree with mascerating the berries using alcohol. I usually use brandy and a touch of sugar. As said, they get better as they age and in addition to cake, it ups the flavor on the ice cream.

        One year when I was playing with brandied fruit in addition to my usual cherries, I gave blackberries a try. The fruit itself shriveled up, but the juices were released and I had one amazing blackberry brandy around Christmas time.

        Just put the berries in a small mason jar, put a teaspoon or two of sugar on top and fill jar to top with brandy ... quality doesn't matter too much ... throw in the back of the fridge and toast the holidays a few months later ... or sooner.

        You could also make muffins using the berries.

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        We've done the same thing with champagne and with prosecco. We keep the plug, pour in the booze, reinsert the plug and tape with duct tape so that we can turn the melon occasional to distribute the champagne.

      3. Blend all the fruits together, and add some milk (or yoghurt) and sugar, to form a smoothie. The blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries you can freeze, and you can later use them as needed.

        1. Try using the berries to make a fruit tiramisu. Here is what you need: seedless raspberry jam, italian lady fingers, heavy cream, mascarpone, and berrys.

          Whip the cream and the mascarpone with some sugar and vanilla and a splash of chamboard (if you have it).

          Warm up the jam and ad a splah of water to make is spreadable.

          In a dish that you will use to serve the final dessert, spread some of the whipped cream mixture then layer in the lady fingers and spread thin layer of the jam on top then cover with more whipped cream and then layer with berries. Repeat this process with the remaining ingredients ending up with a top layer of whipped cream and berries. Refridgerate over night for a for a few hours. Try this recipe it is great!

          1. To all who responded - you solved one problem and created another; I don't have enough berries/melon to try everything, so I'll just have to get more. Many thanks!

            1. You can make a fruit granita by blending your watermelon/berries. Or do what Ina Garten did with her frozen berries, drizzle it with a hot white chocolate sauce.

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                Granita, yes! My husband's been making some wonderful granitas using Jeffrey Steingarten's instructions from his book, "It Must Have Been Something I Ate". Yum! (EDIT: Oops, it was his earlier book, "The Man Who Ate Everything".)