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Jul 9, 2006 06:28 PM

Is Nobu worth it for non-fish eaters?

My husband has been wanting to take me (a non-fish eater) to Nobu for a while since he's actually had some good non-sushi food there as well and we're always trying to find places that I can eat well while he enjoys sushi.

A friend made reservations at Nobu for a special occassion. It turns out another one of our friends doesn't like fish either and is refusing to go to dinner... are there enough good non-meat dishes that it's worth trying to convince her to go? The friend who made the reservation really doesn't feel like going through the hassle of calling them back to cancel since they NEVER answer their phone!

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  1. I've actually found the sushi at Nobu to be lackluster compared to the cooked food there. Sushi is quite good, but the nifty stuff is the cooked dishes, like the rock shrimp appetizer.

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      Even the cooked fish dishes are out in this query. If I have to eat fish, I much prefer sushi, but neither or nor the other non-fish eater really like fish or any seafood raw OR cooked.

      1. re: kersie

        It won't be good, but your friend will be able to order something. (I'm pretty sure they have at least one steak dish). But all of the signature dishes are seafood (raw and/or cooked). You definetely don't have to like sushi to like Nobu... but you have to eat fish to be able to order what are considered the best dishes.

    2. On the vegetable end of the spectrum, you can order tempura a la carte which is good but not otherworldly outstanding. It can flesh out the meal a little bit though. Nobu also does a good cold soba dish that (I believe) does not have seafood in it.

      1. I took my sister-in-law there (non-fish eater) and she ordered the steak dish and absolutely loved it.

        1. Thanks for all the comments. In the end, we decided to go more meat-friendly at Capital Grille, but this will be really helpful the next time my husband suggests Nobu.

          He recalls a very good lamb dish that he sampled among others when he was last there. This isn't on the menu -- has anybody else had it?