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Jul 9, 2006 06:25 PM

Lucky Devils update

Recent reports of overcooked burgers made me a little hesitant to try Lucky Devils, but the beer list lured me in.

Friend and I both ordered Kobe Bacon Bleu Burger, medium rare, and got exactly medium rare. O happy day! Good beef and a generous plate of fries; I thought it was a fine meal for $16.

But it was the beer.... Racer 5 IPA: sooooo good!

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  1. i am a fan of lucky devils too. i was first tempted because i read an article about the restaurant and lucky and his cupcakes. i wanted to order the arrogant bastard or the double bastard, but i'm not a fan of dark beer so i chose something light. can't remember what it was, haha. their cupcakes are probably the best in town and i've tried many cupcakes in la. i enjoy the chocolate one, but just as good are the lemon and carrot cake. next time i go i'm ordering the kobe beef burger.

    1. I went there last week and thought the kobe burger was good, I ordered mine medium with provolone, although a little on the oily side. The fries werent spectacular, actually a little overcooked and oddly enough my favorite part of the whole meal was the mixed green salad. I got a really good helping of my daily greens. Also enjoyed the belgium beers went really well with my meal. We all split the sundae for dessert which was recommended by our waitress, I only had a few bites as I was already full by that point, but it was light enough for us to finish off, a mixture of vanilla ice cream and custard. Mmmm, I could definetly go back there just for that and the salads. Their portions are generous, the service is a little scattered and then over attentive at times. I thought it was a little strange that instead of getting a new glass of beer on tap that the same glass was used when I ordered another. I walked way spending about $40.00 + tip, which isnt that bad considering I had two beers, the burger, split a salad and shared a dessert.

      1. Could some of you Lucky Devils vets let us know what else is on the menu? Are they limited to burgers, fries, shakes, beer and cupcakes (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

        Are there veg options for non-burger eaters? How many beers are available? Are they on tap or in bottles?


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          I have their take-out menu -- will edit reply when I get home to be more extensive. But basically it's tuned-up standard diner fare. And there are a few veggie options (the day I went the special was a portobello kobe burger... which could be equally meaty tasting without the burger for vegetarians). The tap I think is about 8-10, but they have quite a few bottles as well.

        2. I went a few days ago and had the same thing as Mrs. Fang -- Kobe burger, cooked perfectly medium rare, and Racer IPA beer. It was all very tasty, even the overcooked fries.
          They do have lots of veggie options -- my friend had the veggie burger on top of spinach salad, and of course there's a regular (housemade) veggie burger and some other salads, as well as grilled salmon and turkey burgers. They have a great beer selection, in bottles and on tap -- I don't know if the actual number of selections is that big, but they're very interesting choices. There's also wine by the glass and of course root beer floats. There was a stout ice cream float I was dying to try, but didn't have any room left.

          1. My dining companion and I loved the burgers too (even though we opted for the White Vermont cheddar instead, neither of us being particularly big on blue cheese.) The chili cheese fries with pepper jack didn't fare as well... the cheese was already semi-solidified by the time it got to us.

            We both sang praises over their toasted pecan shakes (made with frozen custard instead of ice cream, like all their other shakes)... which, split in 2, is the perfect size for both of us.

            Next time, I'm trying their cupcakes!