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Jul 9, 2006 06:11 PM

Bow wow! Finally made it to Elemental@Gasworks

First, thanks to Susu for prodding me to try this place about a month ago.

I honestly knew virtually nothing about it before going, having missed last year's flamewars about it. Here's what I learned one needs to know about Elemental@Gasworks that you won't find out from the website:

- No reservations. Okay, they do tell you that on the website, but they don't say how to get a table. Get there at 5 for cocktail hour when they open or get there at 8 to catch an early table turning.

- No wine list. Oh they've got wine. Just ask for wine. Phred will pair a glass (or 2) with each course. Of the 12 wines (really!) we sampled, most pairings were infinitely excellent - only one disappointed. I'm usually ecstatic to get one or two sublime pairings in a multi-course menu anywhere else, so this is a feat.

- No worries. If you're a control freak, don't go - you'll probably get frustrated. Just relax and leave the driving to Laurie and Phred.

- No hurry. Our 3-top was there for 4 hours and we didn't linger long after the last of 9 1/2 courses as it was approaching midnight.

- No tipping. If you pay by card, there won't even be space for a gratuity on your reciept.

- Great value. 3 cocktails (not including the nip of Oloroso sherry we were handed upon walking in the door for which there was no charge, of course), 9 1/2 courses, 12 wines, $160 inclusive. Unbeatable.

I'd rave about specific courses (oysters + serrano ham, lamb tartare, chicken + biscuit, rum + pepper venison, cheese course) but I gather any given dish's appearance on the menu is mercurial, I'm not sure there's much point. Suffice to say that the way to go is for each member of the dining party to order the 3-plates-for-$36 option and to collectively decide on what courses to have, then share them. They'll be brought out serially, so if you've 4 people, plan on a long evening. And definitely order wine.

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  1. Terrier, I'm so glad you made it. I was induced to go by last year's "flamewars" (I love a good controversy) but honestly, have never had anything but an overwhelmingly positive experience there. The danger of course, is getting lured back weekly to try the ever-changing, always innovative menu, enjoy Phred's great wines, and reexperience the seductive speakeasy-like quality of the restaurant itself.

    1. This place is great, but I'll bet that sherry was fino, not oloroso. You wouldn't want an oloroso before dinner. I think we were up to 15 or 16 different wines by the time we staggered out -- fantastic pairings, fantastic variety, but even at a third of a normal glass it was a bit much. Food was wonderful too.

      1. how would you compare the food to Herbfarm (roughly the same price but fewer wines, it sounds like)?

        1. I haven't been to Herbfarm.

          I gather that it's pricier; Elemental is actually pretty reasonable for what you get.

          Our bill was $137 total for two, with no tip, for two "tasting" menus, which is basically a small portion of everything on the menu (I couldn't decide, so the guy who served us went all General Patton on us and took charge), and the insane onslaught of delicious wines. The wine portion of that was $28 a person, which is literally a couple of dollars a (small) glass. And, for two, there's no comparison to being limited to a single bottle in a normal restaurant, no matter how good, or a painfully limited by-the-glass selection (which could easily have ended up twice or three times as much money).

          1. Quick question: Is the tasting menu (9+ courses) available every night?