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Best Taco Truck?

I'm looking for some cheap eats tonight and I want to hit up a taco truck. A friend of mine brought back tacos from the truck on 14th and 8th and they were amazing. I've been reading about another taco truck on 96th/Bdway. Does anyone know of any other good taco trucks or have a favorite? Are the trucks usually out from 6 PM on?

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  1. Maybe a bit out of your way but I just posted some links to reviews of taco trucks and taquerias in Jackson Heights, Queens.
    I'd be interested to learn about those in Manhattan.

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      I tried the taco truck on 96th/Bdway, which is called "Super Tacos," and I must admit that I was scared. :) I got over it and ordered some steak tacos and some spicy pork tacos. The spicy pork tacos were really yummy. The tacos came with some awesome hot sauce, mmmm. The steak tacos were good but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the meat. Overall it was a good experience although I must say that I almost prefer Noche Mexicana's tacos. I'll try the taco truck on 14th this weekend. :)

    2. While the truck at 96th/B'way delivers, the quality doesn't seem to hold up in the process. Eating the freshly prepared tacos or tortas fresh off the griddle is best best. The truck is great for a simple fix. The sauces are very fresh, so too, are the ingredients as evident in the flavors. A cheap and authentic option. I recommend it.

      1. I too like that truck at 96th/Broadway.

        1. I've had goat tacos from both trucks, and I remember the 96th/Bway one being better. Both nights, I was starving after a night out, so I guess that's somewhat objective. But you can't really go wrong at either. Beats getting a stale slice of pizza for the same price.

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            does it beat a fresh slice of pizza for the same price?

          2. I've been to the 96th Street taco truck a few times, and after the first disappointing experience, I figured I should get something different, and each time it's been just an OK experience. If you're accustomed to getting better quality tacos in Queens or elsewhere, it's not worth the trek to 96th St, but if you're in the area for a quick fix, then it's certainly fine. Just don't expect anything mind blowing.

            There were previous reports about a taco truck or cart around Spanish Harlem. I suspect those would be better.

            1. the tacos from that 14th st/8th avenue taco truck you mention that feeds the weekend meatpacking party drunks are definately not amazing. not terrible, but just ok at best. i live right in front of that truck and have tried most everything. it's inviting and i keep hoping to really like something there, but no dice.

              in this nabe, the offerings at the little stands just down the street that set up in front of st. bernard church on sundays are much better.

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                I only tried one taco from the truck on 14th and that was last Friday. I was somewhat inebriated when I ate it so that might have skewed my perception a bit. :) I want to try it again this weekend.

                These tacos in Queens....where are the good spots to get them? I'd probably take a journey to Queens if the tacos were really THAT good.

                Has anyone tried the mexican deli on 47th and 10th?

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                  Here's an old post on the Mexican restaurants on Roosevelt in Queens. It's badly in need of an update, but it's a start.


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                  Is the 14th/8th taco truck there weekdays? lunchtime? Any other good carts in the nabe then? TIA.

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                    mrnyc i'm afraid you're wrong here, the tacos on 14th and 8th are indeed excellent, of pretty much the same quality as super tacos. i HIGHLY recommend you try the chorizo burrito, that's some of the most fantastic eating you're likely to do in the area. i was eating one once while waiting for the subway and two MTA workers talking above me started yelling down to ask me what i was eating, given that the enticing odor must have been wafting upwards. i told them and they ran scurrying out to get what i was having!

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                      Ahh, you are wrong my friend. 14th and 8th is fantastic. their burritos are quite good too, I recommend the chorizo.

                      as an aside the tortas at the 96th street truck are great.

                    2. About the 96th St truck: I've had outstanding steak tacos there,fresh off the grill. Tacos al pastor are ok; don't much care for their style of torta. I agree that delivery isn't worth it.
                      Although it's not a truck, there are good tacos at Victoria, or La Victoria, a combination retaurant/ Mexican deli, on the west side of Broadway at 160th or 161st.

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                        since the washington heights vicinity is apparently good for you, check out a taco truck on 180th and st. nick. it's mainly open on the weekends. i'm not usually a fan of sour cream, but trust me and let them give you a taco "with everything" - you won't be disappointed. the pernil version was especially notable./

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                          Or if you like eating food from trucks in general and you are in Washington Heights I recommend the line of Domincan chimi trucks that park along Amsterdam Avenue before the on-ramp for the Cross Bronx Expressway. The tostones and the yuca with pickled purples onions on tip can be fantastic, not to mention the chicharron, that is, if you eat meat. I recommend the one called La China.

                      2. I went back and tried the taco truck on 14th. I think I like their tacos better than the tacos at the 96th truck. I took a picture of their menu and info with my camera phone. It's called Taco El Idolo and the truck is from Corona, Queens. Queens tacos are aight. =P I had the bistec tacos and the carnitas. The bistec tacos were really good and only had one or two rogue pieces of sinewy meat. The carnitas were eh. The meat was fatty and sinewy and I didn't like it at all. Overall a decent taco for when you need to satisfy a craving. Their hot sauces/salsas are REALLY good and really spicy.

                        1. Last night i had the tacos al pastor and found them to be good. The place is convenient when you're in the area and they have variety. This is night if you get a craving for lengua or oreja, although last night they didn't have oreja (pig ear). I had their lengua one time and it wasn't bad. I also had chivo (goat), and found it to be rather tough.

                          1. The tacos at the 14th st truck are pretty good. I think the beef ones are the best by far.

                            1. How late does the 96th St. truck stay out? Is it around the same time on weeknights and weekends?

                              1. Calexico on the corner of Wooster and Prince.

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                                  i can't imagine liking any other cart as much as calexico! it's my favorite, but i don't really eat from any others often.

                                2. I recommend the sopes at the 14th st truck - they make them fresh and one is quite filling. i particularly like the bistek or the goat.

                                  1. The Super Tacos truck (aka the one on 96th/Bway) has been MIA for the past couple of nights. Anyone know why? Do they take the cold months off or something? I need to feed my taco craving...

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                                      Worse comes to worst, there are several good taquerias about as far north but on Lexington.