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Jul 9, 2006 05:42 PM

Best Taco Truck?

I'm looking for some cheap eats tonight and I want to hit up a taco truck. A friend of mine brought back tacos from the truck on 14th and 8th and they were amazing. I've been reading about another taco truck on 96th/Bdway. Does anyone know of any other good taco trucks or have a favorite? Are the trucks usually out from 6 PM on?

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  1. Maybe a bit out of your way but I just posted some links to reviews of taco trucks and taquerias in Jackson Heights, Queens.
    I'd be interested to learn about those in Manhattan.

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      I tried the taco truck on 96th/Bdway, which is called "Super Tacos," and I must admit that I was scared. :) I got over it and ordered some steak tacos and some spicy pork tacos. The spicy pork tacos were really yummy. The tacos came with some awesome hot sauce, mmmm. The steak tacos were good but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the meat. Overall it was a good experience although I must say that I almost prefer Noche Mexicana's tacos. I'll try the taco truck on 14th this weekend. :)

    2. While the truck at 96th/B'way delivers, the quality doesn't seem to hold up in the process. Eating the freshly prepared tacos or tortas fresh off the griddle is best best. The truck is great for a simple fix. The sauces are very fresh, so too, are the ingredients as evident in the flavors. A cheap and authentic option. I recommend it.

      1. I too like that truck at 96th/Broadway.

        1. I've had goat tacos from both trucks, and I remember the 96th/Bway one being better. Both nights, I was starving after a night out, so I guess that's somewhat objective. But you can't really go wrong at either. Beats getting a stale slice of pizza for the same price.

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            does it beat a fresh slice of pizza for the same price?

          2. I've been to the 96th Street taco truck a few times, and after the first disappointing experience, I figured I should get something different, and each time it's been just an OK experience. If you're accustomed to getting better quality tacos in Queens or elsewhere, it's not worth the trek to 96th St, but if you're in the area for a quick fix, then it's certainly fine. Just don't expect anything mind blowing.

            There were previous reports about a taco truck or cart around Spanish Harlem. I suspect those would be better.