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Very good food at Athenian Corner, Lowell, MA

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Took an aunt to Athenian Corner in Lowell today for lunch. The food was great. For appetizers we tried the grape leaves (a must have) and the fried calamari (wasn't that good). We then had the Mousaka, Broiled Lamb sandwich and Gyro for entrees. All meals came with a cup of soup. We all had the lentil soup which was great. The sandwiches also came with a greek salad.

The portions are quite large. While Gyros aren't on the menu, they did make one for me, and the meat was the best I've had. I ate half of it and brought the rest home. I didn't try the broiled lamb sandwich (normally served on bread, but requested it on a pita), but my wife and her aunt both said it was great. They also shared the Mousaka which they say was very good, and they maybe ate a third of it.

Afterwards, my wife had the Baklava, which was good (I stole a bite). It wasn't as much honey as other's I've had, but it was a big piece and had cinnamon on top of it. It was delicious.

Overall, Athenian Corner is definately a good choice, especially if you like lamb. So if you like greek and are near Lowell, definately give it a try.


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  1. I love this place. I've posted before about the gyros here, which are the best I've had outside of Greece. The lentil soup is also great. We're likely going back in August for the quilt festival. Thanks for the tip on the calamari. The menu mentions special dishes from the owner's village. I hope to try these when I return.