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Jul 9, 2006 04:48 PM

I was a Beard Papa's virgin yesterday...

Went right before dinner to the new Sawtelle location. Made the mistake of only ordering one each for my husband and I. They only had the vanilla custard but, that's all I needed to get totally hooked.
Now I know how one can be addicted to crack cocaine with only one try. All I could think about at dinner was those cream puffs.
One thing I wish is that they'd make mini bite size ones. Maybe it's a good thing they don't because I would be consuming an enormous amount of them!
You can bet I'll be back tonight for some more!! Beard Papa cream puffs are now the bain of my waist line! They are soooooooo goooooood!

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  1. Yeah, we tried some (purchased from the Hollywood store) for this first time this past Friday night. Pretty good, but I liked the vanilla better than the strawberry (which was their other flavor for the evening). Understand they also make eclairs, which if the Missus got the description right, are half filled with custard, half with whipped cream, and then dipped in chocolate. (?) Sounds damn good.

    1. I didn't try the one in Sawtelle but I was at Puente Hills Mall yesterday and I tried their caramel flavored cream puff. Delicious! The puff had just been taken out of the oven and the cream was smooth, sweet, and caramel-y... Makes me wish I had tried their Royal Milk Tea flavor as well...

      1. whenever i am in hollywood i have to get at least on puff or eclair. i think the custard filling is partially whipped cream, but the same goes into the puff and the eclair, the eclair is just dipped in a dark chocolate top coating. the mocha filling is also tasty and the chocolate, but the original is best of the flavors i've tried. the pie crust shell just makes an already great dessert even better.

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        1. re: macncheesemair

          Cream puffs and eclairs are not pie crust - they are pate a choux - butter and flour, to be sure, but not rolled and layered. It's classic French pastry. I don't find Beard Papas to be all that special. Any good French pattiserie should have a good version.

          1. re: applehome

            Well Beard Papas cream puffs are based on French pastry, but they are not identical with French pastry. Japanese French bakeries more generally are one of the great things to happen to food, ever!

            And where would one find a great French patiserie, turning out volumes of perfect cream puffs, in LA?

            1. re: George

              Pate a choux is pate a choux whether made by a French or Japanese bakeshop. In fact, I used to be a pastry chef and we always said the Japanese did French pastry better than the French! Not to generalize, but their attention to detail and appreciation for the art and craft of pastry is unbelievable.

              I have yet to have a delicious and perfectly executed cream puff here in LA... but I've only had a few....

              1. re: MareZeeDotes

                pate a choux = pate a choux =/ (does not equal) a Beard Papa cream puff.
                You are both missing the point.
                It is not exactly a French cream puff, whether the shell is pate a choux or not.
                But the rest of your point was my point, and the point is that they are in fact different.

            2. re: applehome

              I find them special...because they fill the puff with cream when you order it.

              Taste is something you can argue about, but Beard Papa's pastry shell stays nice and crisp against the moist cream when it goes in your mouth, and that's something that truly sets them apart; much nicer texture than biting into an eclair/puff which has been sitting in a bakery for hours or even minutes.

          2. Try the little round chocolate cakes (Fondant Au Chocolat). 10 seconds in the microwave and they are perfect. Just the right balance of sweet but not too sweet.

            1. I stoppped by the Beard Papa counter @ Mousse Fantasy as well the other day and popped my Beard Papa cherry. It was such a treat to watch my treat come to life while waiting at the counter. I took a six pack to go, one serving was all I could handle. These things are huge, flakey and with one single bite the custard oozes out, it is so light and fluffy, I am definetly addicted to this. I am glad their serving size is huge, it forces me to stop eating after 1. Cant wait until they unveil some of the other items from their product line.