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York to Wells, good places to eat?

I am heading to spend a week in York Beach next week. A friend of mine will be in Wells. We are going to meet a few nights for dinner, and would love a few chowish places.

I already know about Chauncey Creek, and Becky's in Portland.


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  1. On this board in the last few weeks are plenty of excellent restaurants in the Ogunquit / Wells / Kennebunkport area. If you can be more specific, as to your exact liking, we can come up with some more restaurants that may fill you needs. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the great State of Maine.

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      Well, we would be traveling between York and Wells, or meeting in between. I have spent time in Freeport growing up, but it's over-run with tourists now. We all like good food, reasonable prices, mostly seafood, or steaks.

      Thanks for the help.

    2. Ok- so many places and so much discussion on these boards. Please do a search. GOing from South to North- just South of York in Kittery is Anneke Jans- wondrful food, nice atmosphere and service but noisey. Excellent place, though. Kittery, york or Wells,have a hot dog at Flos' with her special sauce.
      Ogunquit- MC Perkins COve- wonderful food and great atmosphere and views. Owned by the owners of Arrows, nationally acclaimed restaurant. So good. Barnicle Billy's in Perkins Cove. The original has lobsters, chowder, steamers, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, salad. You order at the window and thay call your number. Outside deck is great place to sit. Barnicle Bills Etc. has more choices and has wait service- fried clams, scallops etc. Both Barnicle Billy'have a great rum punch.
      Ogunquit also- try Provence for very nice French food or Roberto's for Italian food. Poor Richard's for New England type food- Yankee potroast etc.
      ogunquit = try Joe Allen's in the center for eclectic- everything from lobster rolls, pizza , hamburgers etc to steak, chops, seafood stew, oysters on the half shell, - wonderful place- has other restaurants in NY, London, Miami, and Paris.
      Wells- try Billy's Chowder House for good seafood. not fancy and very casual but good for fried seafood.
      Many people like Joshuas in Wells on Route One. I am not impressed but I seem to be in the minority.
      Lunch= sandwiches - try Food and Co. on Route 1. Great sandwiches. Also, Village MArket in Ogunquit Center had great lunch.
      breakfast- Food and Co, Village MArket, Omelette Factory in Ogunqiut/Wells and Egg and I on Route One.
      Have a great time!!!!

      1. York Harbor Inn. Even if you've only got time for the happy hour appetizers.

        1. Oh and make sure you head out to Brown's Ice Cream ! Nubble Road, York Beach. Try the Indian pudding ice cream if you like molasses cookies!

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            Thanks guys, always the effort to help those in need.

          2. You can try Vinny's on Rt 1 in Ogunquit before you get to Wells good food and a great house salad with the house dressing is really great. Great sports bar. The lobster barn on rt 1 in York before you get into Ogunquit.Is another nice place very rustic. If you like that kind of place. There are a few other places in Ogunquit before getting to Wells to try and a place in Wells The big red barn is subosta have great steaks. Good luck hope these help. Earle

            1. Does anyone know anything about the burrito place on 1A (I think) in Ogunquit? I don't remember the name of it, but I passed it a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked cute.

              1. There is a burrito place in Ogunquit on Shore ROad called Bandito Burrito. Very small, mostly takeout. Burritos are ok but the rest of the stuff (enchiladas for example) are not so good. We have eaten twice and were not impressed. The "sides" of guacamole, beans etc. are in a littl plastic cup the size of something you would get cocktail sauce or tarter sauce in. Extremely stingy.

                Talking about new places in Ogunquit, there is a new Italian Cafe, preggo or Prezza, near FIve-O. An article in the local paper said all of the kitchen equipment is from Italy, the products, including coffee and gelato ingredients are from Italy. It looks really nice. Coffee, expresso, panninis, gelato and pastries.

                New Breakfast Place- wild Blueberry Cafe. Went with kids. THey made us walk past the kitchen to a back room which was not airconditioned, very hot, with live music. All the people with kids wre stuck back there and unable to talk because of the loud music. Obviously music put there to drown out sound of kids- why else would you stick the keyboard and bass player in th back room. Very insulting. FOod was good but very expensive- "real"maple syrup was $2.75 extra. The alternative is fake or wild blueberry syrup, which they were "out of" (at the wild blueberry cafe???????). VEry New York expensive type place and treatment of families is beyond obnoxious.

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                  Hi Emilief:
                  thank you for the above info. The best equipment and ingredients doesn't mean a thing if the chef is a hacker.
                  From you info, it appears that the Blueberry Cafe is a good place to stay away from.....

                2. Back from York Beach. Had alot of lobster, but mostly brought it to the cottage and cooked it. Stayed on the same little road where Nubble light and Brown's Ice cream is.

                  I had great Ice Cream at Browns, highly recommend it.
                  Ate fresh haddock at Gabby Sullivan's on short sands, it was okay.
                  Lobster BLT, while shopping at Stonewall Kitchen in York, amazing.
                  Went by Flo's new and original places, liked original better.
                  Went to Kennebunkport and ate at Alison's and Arundel Wharf.
                  The haddock sandwich at Arundel's was really good. Alison's is the local place, and everything looked really good and fresh. I had one of her special's which was a veggie wrap.
                  The fish/clam shack on the bridge, had a huge line and it was too hot to stand and eat.
                  There was also a little place, right at the bottom of Nubble, I think it was Fox's, and I had fried scallops, excellent.

                  Can't wait for next year, I think I am heading up further North, to Wells. Thanks guys.

                  1. I have visited Ogunquit, Maine for the past few years, and I have found it to be one of the most beautiful places on the east coast. The food tends to be a little pricey, but if you look hard enough, you can find some real gems. Shore road is a funky street with lots of shops and cafes, and if you take a detour, you will find yourself on the Marginal Way, a beautiful river walk. When we feel like splurging, we hit up one of the high-end restaurants, such as Gypsy Sweethearts. Recently, we have fell in love with Banditos Burritos, a cute, small little restaurant with a lot of personality and excellent food. It is BYOB and the owner is fun. If you get a chance, try to make it to Ogunquit for a few meals.