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Jul 9, 2006 03:11 PM

Just one taco, one at a time, in Williamsburg

I've been into tacos lately, but just one as opposed to a 8 to 10 dollar platter.
I tried Taco Choulo and I liked it, but where else must I go for variety and discerning choices?

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  1. Matamoros Puebla Grocery - 193 Bedford. I know it was closing, but if it's still open, that's the place to go.

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    1. re: lambretta76

      Matamoros is still open - and still has great, cheap tacos. The owner told me that they're hoping to sell the business to someone who will continue to run it as-is. We'll see.

      Also good is Bonita - at S. 2nd St & Bedford Ave. A bit more expensive, but really good if you want to sit and eat.

      1. re: iain_brklyn

        That's great news! Besides great tacos, they also have really tasty tortas.

        1. re: iain_brklyn

          Actually I was in over the weekend and spoke to Sotero the owner as well. I've known him since they opened. He seemingly before had been on a tear to sell but I noticed a change in his tone this time around. I think he feels he'll not be able to get the money that the business is worth. And he knows the main problem is all the hours that have to be put in in order to make a decent profit. Any prospective buyer who has experience will do the math (expenses {read RENT} vs the gross.) Ya gotta sell ALOT of Tacos :) That's his main beef; not enough time off. Who can blame him?

      2. take the l train one stop into manhattan and go to zaragoza on avenue a and 13th. try the tongue, the chorizo, and the veal ($2 each).

        1. you must go to sunset or to red hook on weekends.

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          1. re: mrnyc

            And don't forget Jackson Heights, a G train ride away. Check out Eric Eto's outdated yet classic post on Mexican restaurants serving tacos. And that's just part of the picture, there are taco trucks too... some a lot better than others. One of the best trucks disappeared for a few months and its return was greeted with a flurry of ecstatic posts. One truck thread is

            1. re: mrnyc

              Listen to the above poster!! It's summer and you cant get better, fresher tacos,etc. than from the stalls at the Red Hook ballfields. Every weekend, Sat and Sun, from 11am on. Doesnt the B61 bus go straight down Broadway (across from Lugers, near Dressler)and all the way to Van Brunt St in Red Hook, 3 blocks from the ballfields?

              And I second Matamoros for weekday evenings

            2. Matamoros is great, as stated already. Another pretty good place is Mexico 2000 on Broadway (at Keap). It's also a grocery that has a kitchen in the back, but it's bigger and the menu is much more extensive. I've only had the tacos, which I thought were good but not as good as Matamoros. They are open later, though. Better than Taco Chulo that's for sure.

              1. i've been heading to 'taco bite'... essentially a window on the street with a few outdoor tables. corner of bedford ave and lorimer street (that's the NW corner of mccarren park on the greenpoint, billburg border). tacos are $2 each and tasty, traditional style (i.e. steak/chicken/pork on 2 litely grilled corn tortillas w/ onions, cilantro and hotsauce). burritos are $5.95 and quesadillas $4.95. they also serve beer.

                Matamoros is similarly good... though if its not too hot out, taco bite beats it atmosphere-wise for a lazy weekend afternoon.

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                1. re: thievery

                  I've been wanting to recommend Taco Bite ever since this post went up, but I couldn't remember the name of it. I've only been once, but I thought it was just as good as Matamoros and, as the above poster mentions, it's a nicer place to eat than the back of Matamoros.

                  1. re: thievery

                    I've found Taco Bites to be bland and dry; and I take issue that they serve lemon wedges with the tacos instead of limes. I suppose after living in California for 6 years, I got quite spoiled, but found Taco Bites really doesn't measure up. I do like Matamoros; have been disappointed by Taco Chulo.