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Jul 9, 2006 03:09 PM

Bianchi's Pizza, Revere Beach

We ended up at Revere Beach last night (decided against a picnic in Marblehead--it was too late in the day), and went to Bianchi's Pizza. It was absolutely incredible pizza -- thin crust with a burnt bottom and a decent amount of corn meal, much like Pizzeria Regina pizza, but a bit more crispy.

We ate it across the street, sitting in our roll-up chairs over by the wall, and watching an endless stream of people getting pizzas to take across the street much like we were doing.

The one question I have is, what kind of oven do they have at Bianchi's? It was pretty crowded, so I didn't get a good look, but considering how dry and burnt the bottom was, I'm thinking that they use a gas-fired oven?

Great stuff! If you haven't been. I'd say definitely take a ride up there sometime.

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  1. Whatever oven they have, it's really old. I'd say at least 50 years, as I was a kid when I first got Bianchi's pizza on Revere Beach. I don't know if it's the original place or not, as we went back and forth to either there or Anna's pizza stand pretty close by, right across the street, from the Beach.

    There was a great Joe & Nemo hot dog stand, which is probably closed by now.

    I haven't been back in years, but in my twenties, went onto Kelly's Roast Beef, which is still there.

    Nice to know Bianchi's Pizza is still great.

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      No it is not in the original location. That was near the roller coaster. They moved in the early seventies when the amusement area was demolished and torched. Joe and Nemo's made a comeback on the beach and in Scolley Sq. but did not survive. Anna's is gone but another pizza joint is in its place.

    2. I think someone once told me it was coal-fired, but it can't be in this day and age. It is, for sure, great pizza. I spent many a summer living on Bianchi's and Kelly's in high school. For lesser pizza of the same kind, but quite good in its own right, try Pizza Joe's in Everett. They have a store in the Woodlawn part of town, and they used to have a store on Ferry Street near Glendale Park, headed toward Chelsea Street. Don't know if the Woodlawn store is a replacement, or a supplement.

      1. It sure did taste coal-fired, though I guess it could be gas-fired, too. Whatever the case, they sure are good pies. It made up for the fact that Galleria Umberto in the North End was closed at lunchtime on Saturday when I went. Perhaps they were getting ready for the big soccer matchup?

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          I think Bianchi's took third place in the Chowhound pizza crawl we did a few years ago. I didn't try it then but have had it since, and it is definitely good crust. I seem to remember the sauce was a bit sweet for my taste, but I might just need to do some research on my own.

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            Galleria Umberto is closed til 7/31. They go to Italy most of July