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Jul 9, 2006 02:31 PM

Mystic or Groton Area

I have to be in Groton, or Mystic, but more Groton, next Wednesday and Thursday...Anything chowish, as opposed to touristy? Preferably ethnic...

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  1. Try Captain Tim's Galley on Route #1 in Pawcatuck across from Stonington High in a strip mall. Decent Portuguese food with friendly people. Pork Casiola, Codcakes etc.

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      How're the fish options? Beer or wine? Thanks!

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        Fish options are good. He's a fisherman himself. Lobster, fish of the day, Portuguese fish stew. Beer and wine, limited but very inexpensive bottles.

    2. Its been mentioned on these boards before - Noah's in Stonington Borough. Excellent selection of seafood dishes that change base on what's the freshest. The owner travels so the influences vary - he's influenced by everything from Portuguese, French, Morrocan, German. And all the desserts are housemade - as is the bread. And they have a bar.

      1. I remember having some great breakfast and brunch meals at Noah's in Stonington. We haven't been down that way in a few years but I have sent friends who have thanked me for the recommendation.

        Here's their site for details.


        1. A few places in Groton I compiled while working there:

          Abbott's in Groton has excellent lobster. BYOB. Prices aren't bad, a little on the high side, but definately worth it if you like lobster. http://www.abbotts-lobster.com/

          The same people own Costello's Clam shack, which is less lobster, more clams, mussels, etc. http://www.costellosclamshack.com/

          The Spot, located on Route 1 in Groton is good bar food. Pretty typical bar menu, with a few interesting additions.

          Over in New London (less than 10 minutes from Groton) is Saeed's which has mediterranean food. Very good gyro's. http://travel.explorenewengland.com/r...

          In East Lyme, about 20 minutes or so away, is Flander's Fish Market. I never have been there myself (not much of a fish fan), but coworkers raved about the place. http://www.flandersfish.com/

          In Mystic is the Voodoo Grill. Great corn chowder, and some interesting things like alligator on the menu. It's in a great part of Mystic to walk around after dinner too. http://thevoodoogrill.com/

          The Bank Street Roadhouse over in New London has a great pulled pork sandwich, and is right on the river. http://www.crosbyrestaurantgroup.com/...

          What ever you do, stay away from the Casino's. You won't find anything decent there. Also stay away from Go Fish in Mystic. I hope this helped.

          1. These are all great; thanks for including the website links. With any luck, I'll have two early dinners, so one will have to be lobstah in the ruff.... ;)