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Jul 9, 2006 02:31 PM

Mystic or Groton Area

I have to be in Groton, or Mystic, but more Groton, next Wednesday and Thursday...Anything chowish, as opposed to touristy? Preferably ethnic...

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  1. Try Captain Tim's Galley on Route #1 in Pawcatuck across from Stonington High in a strip mall. Decent Portuguese food with friendly people. Pork Casiola, Codcakes etc.

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    1. re: Marco

      How're the fish options? Beer or wine? Thanks!

      1. re: galleygirl

        Fish options are good. He's a fisherman himself. Lobster, fish of the day, Portuguese fish stew. Beer and wine, limited but very inexpensive bottles.

    2. Its been mentioned on these boards before - Noah's in Stonington Borough. Excellent selection of seafood dishes that change base on what's the freshest. The owner travels so the influences vary - he's influenced by everything from Portuguese, French, Morrocan, German. And all the desserts are housemade - as is the bread. And they have a bar.

      1. I remember having some great breakfast and brunch meals at Noah's in Stonington. We haven't been down that way in a few years but I have sent friends who have thanked me for the recommendation.

        Here's their site for details.

        1. A few places in Groton I compiled while working there:

          Abbott's in Groton has excellent lobster. BYOB. Prices aren't bad, a little on the high side, but definately worth it if you like lobster.

          The same people own Costello's Clam shack, which is less lobster, more clams, mussels, etc.

          The Spot, located on Route 1 in Groton is good bar food. Pretty typical bar menu, with a few interesting additions.

          Over in New London (less than 10 minutes from Groton) is Saeed's which has mediterranean food. Very good gyro's.

          In East Lyme, about 20 minutes or so away, is Flander's Fish Market. I never have been there myself (not much of a fish fan), but coworkers raved about the place.

          In Mystic is the Voodoo Grill. Great corn chowder, and some interesting things like alligator on the menu. It's in a great part of Mystic to walk around after dinner too.

          The Bank Street Roadhouse over in New London has a great pulled pork sandwich, and is right on the river.

          What ever you do, stay away from the Casino's. You won't find anything decent there. Also stay away from Go Fish in Mystic. I hope this helped.

          1. These are all great; thanks for including the website links. With any luck, I'll have two early dinners, so one will have to be lobstah in the ruff.... ;)