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Jul 9, 2006 01:59 PM

ISO Great Pho/Vietnamese

I was recently in Atlantic City and found this little Vietnamese joint where, for like $6, you get a HUGE bowl of outstanding Pho which you eat for like 15 minutes and it seems there's still as much in your bowl as when you started. Where in NYC can I find a place like this, also with the best Cha Gio (spring rolls)?

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  1. pretty much any Vietnamese place in Chinatown will give you the large bowl. Ask for the extra large bowl usually available on the menu. Pho Banc on mott is pretty good. Most of them are msg laden. I prefer the pho places in brooklyn though.

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    1. re: randumbposter

      what are the good pho places in brooklyn?

    2. My favorites are Cong Ly on Hester and Nam Son on Grand. And if you love pho, the following thread is a must-read... especially the long post toward the bottom called "Enraptured by Pho"

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      1. re: Brian S

        I tried going to Cong Ly last week and unfortunately, it's closed. I will try Nam Son; hope it is as good.

        1. re: wadawada

          cong ly isn't closed for good is it? if it is, i'm not leaving vietnam!

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            I just tried to go to Cong Ly, and they were closed, but I spoke to a nice lady there who said they're re-opening tomorrow (that would be 7/12/06).

            I have a cold and really needed some pho, and asked her who has good pho nearby, she was kind enough to direct me to Nam Son on Grand St. just west of the B/D subway. That wasn't bad. Lots of greens in my pho, and some pieces of tomato, which was especially nice. I haven't had enough pho in the past to really compare, though.

            Anyway, there can be lots of brusqueness in C-Town, so I was impressed by this Cong Ly lady's politeness.

            1. re: Ike

              Tomato in pho! Blasphemy.

              Good to hear that Cong Ly is reopening soon.

      2. I like Pho Tu Do on Bowery. If you can make it out to Queens, Little Saigon is very good as well.

        Little Saigon 85-32 Grand (near Queens Blvd)

        1. My favorite cha gio is at Pho Viet Huong on Mulberry.

          The pho is good too. The biggest bowl with the most kinds of meat is usually called "dac biet" at pho places.

          1. "dac biet" means special. You want to get the Xe Lua - which is the extra large bowl.