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Jul 9, 2006 01:51 PM

Amish family style dinning?

I have a fond memory of enjoying a big family style dinner at a huge Amish barn somewhere between Philly and Gettysburg. I was just a kid then, but it is one of my most memorable dinning experiences, food just kept comming, fritters and everything, everyone was happy and cheerful, and we sat down along with strangers.
I haven't been out that way since but would like too, and I'm wondering if places like that still exist, and if so, what's not to miss?

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  1. I've been to one of these places in Lancaster, sounds exactly as you described. It was called Plain N' Fancy, I think. There's also one called Good N' Plenty there as well. So, yes, they do exist -- still see the signs and whatnot every time I'm out visiting the in-laws. It's been awhile, but I remember the food being good although the price was kind of steep.

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      We had dinner at Plain & Fancy last year, for free no less because we stayed at the inn there (which was quite nice in fact).

      It was rather enjoyable in a piggish way. We actually did NOT ask for seconds and I think they were very puzzled by this. It was only two of us and we're not used to eating mass quantities of food like that. We thought the fried chicken was particularly good.

      Funny thing was the other week we were looking at old moving pictures of my family, and in it, we were at Plain & Fancy farm! It was like 1960-something! No wonder it seemed kind of familiar when my husband and I pulled up.


    2. Out of the two restaurants listed above, I like Good 'N Plenty better. THe quality of the food was better and it seemed cleaner. I like family style dining more than buffets, and everything we had there was yummy.

      1. I went to the Shartlesville Hotel when I was young and had the same overwhelming experience. The food just kept coming. Here is a link to a newspaper article about the place.

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          We were in Shartlesville just last week (on a Saturday night) and tried to eat at the Hotel but it was closed and looked like it was out of business.

          Id be happy to be told otherwise since Haags did not impress as much as in the past (I think they must have lost their baker)

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            I just called the phone number listed in the newspaper article about the Shartlesville hotel and the number is disconnected. Sorry for the incorrect info. Good luck on your search!

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              So sad! Had so many great childhood memories of passing through, stopping at Roadside America and then eating at the Shartlesville Inn. It was an institution and I'm sad to hear it is no more. :-(

          2. Good and Plenty is a good choice; I also ate at a Stoltzfus Family Restaurant several years ago that was good. Do not go to the Amish Barn (I mention this because you remember a "huge Amish barn"). It may have been good years ago, but my family of four had our second worst eating out experience ever there...simply horrible.

            1. We just came back from there and had dinner one night at Good and Plenty and it was plenty good!! We always try and have one dinner there whenever we visit the area.