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Jul 9, 2006 01:49 PM

Take out hard shell crabs

Does anyone have a good spot for take out hard shell crabs in the Philly area?


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  1. Avoid Dinardos. I had a terrible experience with them and watery, empty crabs that the waitress went ahead and served me despite my complaining.

    If you're in the mood, you can get live ones and steam them yourself from Captain Jesse's on Washington Ave or Anastasio Seafood (i've never tried the crabs at the latter). I do know that Anastasio advertises steamed crabs. Also, if you care for a drive, there's a place that's an hour drive from Philly in Maryland called Kent Island Seafood. Little shack on the side of the road: 3706 Pulaski Hwy Abingdon, 410/676-8341. Their crabs are so good and the prices reasonable.

    1. We get great crabs from Ippolitos Seafood at 13th and Dickenson. (215)389-8906

      They have various sizes and you can order them cooked to your preferences if you buy a bushel. Last week we got a bushel of jumbos for $140. They were about the largest I have had in a long time and very tasty. You can also order smaller amounts.

      1. Ed's Crab Shack in Sewell NJ, 15 minutes over the Walt Whitman Bridge. Crabs by the bushel or dozen, also clams, great jumbo-lump crabcakes, and skewers of scallops wrapped in a butterflied shrimp, then wrapped in a strip of bacon.

        1. I recommend picking up some live crabs at the Italian Market in South Philly. Anastasio's, Ippolitos (above) or take a stroll there are others. Buy a bushel or number to your liking and take 'em home and cook them up.

          I second the 'avoid DiNardo's' too..

          1. fyi - its Anastasi's, not Anastasio's.

            also , was there for take out the other night and got some of the best fried flounder ever!

            and had ordered the fried calamari also but the guy at the counter said eh, the current batch isn't great - get something else. i do like it when the folks tell you straight up what is good. so, when you order your crabs, ask him to be candid about them.

            we got crab balls - which did have both lump crab and also imitation crab - there weren't awful....but not stellar.